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help home work palabras con diptongo y palabras con hiato

  • Posted Jan 31, 2008
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What is it that you have that you are working with? Your question is really pretty broad.

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need words which contain diptongo

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Here's a clue.....if you understand what a dipthong is, then it's easy to find Spanish words that contain them.

Spanish Spanish has six falling diphthongs and eight rising diphthongs. In addition, during fast speech, sequences of vowels in hiatus become diphthongs wherein one becomes non-syllabic (unless they are the same vowel, in which case they fuse together) as in poeta [ˈpo̯eta] ('poet') and maestro [ˈmae̯stɾo] ('teacher'). The phonemic diphthongs are:[29]

falling /ei̯/ as in rey ('king') /ai̯/ as in aire ('air') /oi̯/ as in hoy ('today') /eu̯/ as in neutro ('neutral') /au̯/ as in pausa ('pause') /ou̯/ as in bou ('seine fishing') rising /je/ as in tierra ('earth') /ja/ as in hacia ('towards') /jo/ as in radio ('radio') /ju/ as in viuda ('widow') /wi/ as in fuimos ('we went') /we/ as in fuego ('fire') /wa/ as in cuadro ('picture') /wo/ as in cuota ('quota')

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