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Can someone please explain how Su and Sus are used? Do they mean both your and their? For exmaple, is "your house" "Su casa" and your houses "Sus casas"? Is "their houses" "Sus casas" also'

  • Posted Jan 8, 2008
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5 Answers

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Su and sus are the possesive pronouns for Usted or Ustedes. You use su if the object it is reffering to is sngular, and sus is used if the objects are plural. For example:
Su bolso es azul - Your bag is blue.
Sus coches son rapidos - Your cars are fast.
This is if the person you are address warrants the Ud. form. If not, use tu/tus.

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su/sus = your, his, her, their, one's, it's

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So then the complete picture would look like this?

Yo = Mi/Mis
Tu = Tu /Tus
Ud.,El, Ella = Su/Sus

Nosotros = Nuestro/Nuestros
Vosotros = ?
Ellos, Ellas = Su/Sus'

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Looks good to me. Yo etc are subject pronouns & Mi etc are possessive pronouns.

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I think vosotros = vuestro.

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