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All right, my Spanish 2 class is doing a project and we've each been assigne a holiday which we must present in a powerpoint presentation, activity, food, and game/dance. In a group of two, I have taken on the dancing and food. Food, I have covered, but the dancing is proving a bit more hard. I quickly learned of La Raspa, basically the mexican Square dance, and caught on quickly as well to the steps, but, let's face it, I am never going to be able to get the rest of the class interested with what music is oriented for la Raspa. the continuous da duh da duh da duh would be found laughable to a bunch of highschool students. I've thought about finding something with the same tempo, or even a faster tempo and trying to learn la raspa to that, but was curious before i began such, if there already happens to be a more modernized version of La Raspa music. Something with a fun, up beat tempo that's going to keep students interested as i teach them the dance.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if by chance you could send any replies to my emiail i would be extremely grateful. J.stenton@live.com

  • Posted Oct 1, 2008
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You might look for "Raspa" in the "Search Forum" box. There was another discussion in regard to this that might possibly be helpful.

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the only thing I managed to find was not really helpful... thank you though.

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Let's see if soembody can help you, it was in a wrong category.

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