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I understand "venga" is a slang term meaning come on but I can't find a good meaning for "paca."

  • Posted Sep 27, 2008
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3 Answers

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Probably it's "venga pa' acá" = "come (over) here. "venga" isn't slang it's the imperative (usted) form of "venir" = "to come". The "pa' acá" is simply a very informal pronunciation of "para acá" ="to/toward here".

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"Paca" is a short for "Francisca" (a woman's name), like Bob for Robert.

"Pacá" is a way to write "para acá" when it is pronounced quick and informally (although "pa' cá" is clearer).

They are pronounced differently with or without the accent on the "a".

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Is "Paco" short for Francisco then'I know in Peru it's Pancho for Francisco.

  • I know a Francisco who goes by Paco - amiller76 May 25, 2011 flag
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