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Hello, does anyone know what "Cualquier llamada de atencion disciplinaria" means'

  • Posted Jul 21, 2008
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6 Answers

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I think that "cualquier llamada de atención disciplinaria" can be translated as a "any warning because of misbehavior". That's at least the meaning of it. There is probably a better word in English but I don't know it.

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HI Natalia, can you give us the whole sentence please'

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"Cualquier llamada de atencion disciplinaria o suspension disciplinaria durante el periodo de calificacion, descalificara al operador de reciber un premio."

I know that after the "o" the sentence says "or disciplinary suspension during the qualification period, the operator will be disqualified to receive the prize/award."

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Cualquier llamada de atención disciplinaria
Any disciplinary attention call

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That would fit with what the rest of the sentence is saying. Thanks.

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I think Guillermo has given a good translation, but it can probably be shortened in the English.

Any disciplinary warning or suspension during the qualification period will disqualify the operator from receiving an award.

I think we say "disqualify from," not "to."

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