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Hi Folks,
I'm trying to find out what the Spanish word "facilista" means. I read some comics in Spanish and try to understand them. This one showed up in an old Calvin and Hobbes. It's not in any of the Spanish dictionaries I've checked. Can anybody help me?

  • Posted Jul 25, 2008
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"facilista" is a person who always looks for the easiest but not always the right way to do things, mainly because the person is lazy, and as you say, morally lax.

It is also someone who would rather let things as they are than fighting or working to make them better .

I am an spanish speaker, and got to this site looking for an english word equivalent to facilista, anybody knows it? it would be kind of a sinonym of conformist.

  • ¡Biendvenido! al foro, werwer. Could that word be "sycophant"? Conservative? Neocon? Lackey? Flunkey? Fatalist? Defeatist? - ajaks Dec 21, 2011 flag
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Thanks to all who tried to answer my question about "facilista". Here is the link to the comic it appeared in:


Hope the link works. If so you can see that Calvin goes on to say that all his acquaintances (or maybe all his knowlege) are predetermined and therefore if bad things happen it isn't his fault.

One guess I had for "facilista" was lazy person? But that doesn't really fit.

For all the other Spanish comics I read, I have access to the English version too, but Calvin doesn't keep the two versions in synch.

You know, I also typed "facilista" into google and I got a bunch of Spanish sites and from one of them I'm getting the idea it might mean "easy". That's a word English speakers only use about women but I guess if it means "morally lax" it could apply to anybody. Present company excluded, of course!

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I've never heard of this word, either. Perhaps it's a word Calvin made up. He does that from time to time.

Of course, fácil means easy. The -ista makes it sound like a person. Perhaps it's a facilitator, one who makes things (meetings, etc.) easier'

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It seems as if in the context of the comic strip it means, "fatalist."

This would be, "fatalista," though.

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Hello everyone,

A "facilista" is someone who does not want to make an effort to achieve things in life. They expect things to come easy to them. Like another user, I came to this site looking for a word in English to say "facilista," but none of the words suggested by other users seems to work for the meaning I am trying to convey. Any other ideas?


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To me, the context seems to give the idea that he is a "fatalist" that everything is predetermined. I confess I have never heard the word.

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That's a made up word, he meant to say "facilitator"

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I really don't know that word, I tried in the DRAE's web site (http://buscon.rae.es/draeI/ ) but there were no matches. Maybe it is a misprint, and the right word is "facilitas" or any other.

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What's the context? It is obviously a derived from the word fácil (easy).
It could be similar to a word I know, which is facilonga, which means a woman who is "easy".

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fácil - suffix

ista - root

My educated guess is easy person. This term would account for how you see varies answers or interpretations in some places.

easy person

She is easy person. we got along well.

She is a easy person. I can't believe she so care free.

She is a easy person. She never works hard.

  • Your English sentences are incorrect ,' she never works hard' is the only one that is right. - ray76 Jan 16, 2015 flag
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