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I apologize if this is not a good term but I've heard some people call others "pata rajada" and didn't know what it meant usually with a lot of other cuss words around it : -D So all I know is that it's a bad word directed at somebody kind of like S.O.B

  • Posted Jul 24, 2008
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Actually, the answer about it referring to poorer Mexicans is closest. It basically means "cracked foot", a term referring to the cracking of the skin from playing out in the dirt barefooted. My mother is very light skinned, so they called her guera pata rajada, to say that she was just the same as everyone else in the barrio! Funny term, though. It was never meant scornfully, just humorously. Hope this helps.

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To me it sound like "pata quebrada" which in Spain is not a swear word at all.

It means, mostly meant to be a joke, that a woman "belongs" in the kitchen!!

¿Dónde está tu mujer?
Mi mujer, en casa con la pata quebrada
(with her leg broken, so as not to be able to go out and stay "where she belongs")

Does anyobdy know how this "pata rajada" is used'

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Thank you for your input but James forwarded a link to me that explained it. It's a deragtory term used torwards from what I understood lowerclass Mexicans or poorer I should say. But again thank you for your help, plus I like your post I would never say that though good wat to get beat up by your wife or girlfriend hahahaha : - D

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