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What are some idiomatic spanish expressions for this? Does "No puede esperar verte" work ? Thanks

  • Posted Jun 30, 2008
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4 Answers

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The phrase that you have proposed is grammatically incorrect.

Verb "poder" (infinitive)
Yo puedo
Tú puedes
ÿl puede
Nosotros podemos
Vosotros podéis
Ellos pueden

"Estoy deseando verte / No puedo esperar para verte" are good options

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muchas gracias

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"No me aguanto por verte" is commonly used to say "I can't wait to see you."
aguanto is from the verb aguantarse.

  • Sally, it would be ''para'' (not por) verte :) - FELIZ77 Oct 20, 2011 flag
  • "Aguantarse" is very common in México but in the context, "No me aguanto de verte", it means something like, "I can't stand seeing you" or "I can't stand the sight of you". A Mexican friend used to say this to her husband when he'd come home drunk. - De_Suecio Feb 11, 2015 flag
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I believe that you can also say: ''Estoy impaciente para verte''

= I can't wait to see you

I hope this helps grin

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