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Coldplay's new album is called "Viva la Vida". What does this mean?

The direct spanish translation mean "Hurray for Life!" Is this the meaning of it or is there some other meaning'

  • Posted Jun 30, 2008
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No, there is no other meaning.

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I thought It meant "live the life", because you are not going to get another one. Isn't this similar to "carpe dia" - live by the day, seize the day.

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thanks, thought it could mean something like, "Live this live!"

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If you type in "Live" in the spanish dictionary then you get "residi, morar, anidar (fig), subsistir, encendido"

BUT if you type in Live By then you get "vivir"

Maybe it can mean that, if you take the phrase "Viva la Vida" into context.

Don't know! Still not sure.

Thanks anyways

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La vida is a feminine noun and it means (the) life.

Viva "live" is the impersonal imperative of the verb vivir - to live

So the intention is to "live the life" or "live your life" or "live life"

You cannot always interpret word for word. It is the meaning you are searching for.

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Thank you

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Dear friends,

I am a beginer and I am from Vietnam. It's fun that there is a real equipvalent phrase to "Viva la Vida" in Vietnamese. For that, I can say: "Viva la Vida" means "Long live the life".

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You are 100% right. This is an expresion abot life itself, and not about how somebody should live it. "Live the live " or "live your life " is more like "vive la vida". The meaning is totally different.

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Don't confuse:
Vive la vida = live the life
¡Viva la vida! = hurray for life!
They are nothing to do each other

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OK! so let me get this straight....

"Viva la vida" means "Hurray for life!"
and not "live the life"?

It makes sence, cause the new Coldplay album would give the impression that they want to scream "Hurray!"

Doesn't it seem sad if someone tells you to live the life? I mean...yes, life is hard as it is and if we tell someone to live the live then it can be interpreted as ,"Hey, shut up! and stop complaining, just "live the live". On the other hand, if some one tells you, "Hurray for life!" then it is a cry of joy and you will want to sing about it.

Thus the meaning of Coldplay's new album is ,"Hurray for life!"

thx alot Dunia

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Hi Ian
Nice to know that you think I am sad. Ok I got it wrong, but then I'm not a native speaker. At least it promoted some debate with your post. Oh and by the way, if someone tells you live life, they're not telling you to shut and stop complaining, I think it means enjoy life while you can.

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dunias right...viva la vida is hurray for life! vive..the command form of vivir..is live the life...viva and vive are totally different...

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This is in my dictionary

"la multitud daba vivas al Rey" the crowd was shouting "Long live the King"

On word reference ¡Viva! Hurray!

One thing leads to another, just read in the dictionary
vivar means to cheer

Do we have 2 verbs here vivir & vivar'

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No, Eddy...I don't think your sad. Definitely not, in fact you just made me laugh smile

Thanks for the input. Every little bit helps.

I have to admit, it sure created a lot of interresting ideas.

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According to my dictionary, vive = to be alive

and vivar = a fish pond

I don't know the meanings of these words, but if you directly translate it, then this is what you get.

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