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I know English language is very difficult like any other thing, but I am trying very hard to learn it just the way I learned Spanish. I can't do it all by myself I need your help.

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Hi jose M
Your English looks pretty good to me, however, you might want to start by leaving out words like "wanna". Try saying "want to", it look and sounds so much better.

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I would also like to know where I can find resources to help a friend learn English. Especially downloadable lessons such as the ones on this site. I don't have a clue.

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I have no idea, but if there is anything else I can help you with, I will do my utmost to help you.
Have a very nice day.


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What do you want to do, expand you vocabulary? Practice speaking and pronunciation?For non-native speaker the many variations in the pronunciations of the diphthongs and vowels can be hard to figure out Then there are foreign words which sometimes retain their original pronunciation in English
When it comes to pronunciation keep in mind that every vowel has a long sounds, which is the name of the vowel, and a short sound. The pronunciation of the vowel can affect the meaning of the word, such live and live and lead and lead . The H sounds like the Spanish J but not as hard The sound of the s is like a hiss, Don't confuse the name of the letter for the sound the of the letter. The letter z is similar expect it is more of a vibration.

If you want to practice writing and speaking there is a website called Lenguajero

If you sign up you look for me under the name Margaret. I will be happy to practice with you. Just say you're from Spanishdict. If you could help me with Spanish, I especially when it comes to word usage I would be happy also .

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Your English looks pretty good from what you've typed so far. You could try the BBC Learn English site.

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Yes, I think your Spanish sounds pretty good! Also, you can sign up at www.mylanguageexchange.com which is where you can get a pen pal. The only thing is, you can't ask other people to be your penpal unless you are a paying member, otherwise you have to wait for them to ask you. I hope this helps! cheese

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i think your english looks pretty good to me, maybe you should just google 'english lessons' or 'learning english' english is my first language and ,although it is spoken widely, it is not the easiest language to learn i imagine (not that i can speak from experience) because it is basically every other language put together and there are always exceptions to the rules. I`m only stating the facts, this should in no way put you off learning english.

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Hi JOse, bienvenido al forosmile

Me sorprende que nadie te haya indicado aún las maravillosas lecciones de inglés que tenemos en el foro.

Aprender inglés

son gratuitas y cualquier pregunta que tengas, la puedes hacer en el foro.

No te pierdas las flashcards tampoco.

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