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qué tal? me gustaría saber una traducción correcta para la palabra "contraloría" y cuál es la mejor forma de escribirlo en un currículum vitae traducido al inglés.
Muchas gracias de antemano

  • Posted Jun 23, 2008
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There seem to be quite a few such translations on the Net, but in English we usually say "Office of the Comptroller General." I'm not sure how well that office corresponds to the Contraloría General," but maybe you can research that.

And, yes, Mifune was a great actor. I met him briefly, once, and it was a real thrill (I'm not usually impressed by actors).

  • Hi James, are you saying you met Toshiro Mifune? My goodness, I am so impressed, can you please tell us more&? - margaretbl Nov 5, 2010 flag
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Treasury inspector's office

Por cierto, vítae se escribe con tilde en la i, ya que es una palabra esdrújula, como currículum.

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muchas gracias, me gustaría saber si se dice "treasury inspectors office" aun cuando se trate de una contraloría no relacionada con procesos financieros, por ejemplo contraloría general

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hi not sure which is the word you are trying to use? i think it could be 'control' sorry but i have very limited spanish at the moment

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thanks very much! the word that i want to translate is raleted with a governmental office that is in charge of supervising that the processes in the government occur with no corruption. In spanish we call it "Contraloría" but the person who does it is called Comptroller in english

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"Treasury inspector's office" may not be suitable in all cases, and I think Comptroller is much more versatile as a translation. My father worked for the State of California in the Comptroller's office, and it is translated as Dirección de contraloría. The position of comptroller is translated as contralor, but when capitalized, Comptroller can also refer to the office itself, and so would correspond to Contraloría.

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thank you very much your answer is very suitable for me!! so, can i translate "Contraloría General" as General Comptroller´s Office?
by the way i very much like the couple kurosawa-mifune as well

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cheers i will research

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what about " comision de contraloria, la cual investiga presuntas irregularidades en el otorgamineto de dolares preferenciales.

I translate it as:

the comptroller committee that investigates the alleged irregularities on granting preferential dollars.

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