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I went on several different websites to find the translation for "HASTA LA VISTA"

All of them says that it means "Good Bye". My friend argues that this means "See you later"

We got the saying from the movie, Terminator 2.

We differ on this and would like advice.

Thank you

  • Posted Jun 24, 2008
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8 Answers

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"Hasta" means "untill" and "vista" means "regard" or "sight". So litterally translated it means "untill the regard" or "untill the sight", which doesn't sound right in English because English uses a different order of words. If you'd translate it more freely it means I'd opt for "untill we see each other again" or "see you later". To my knowledge "goodbye" and "see you later" are practically interchangeable in English unless goodbye is meant to be "farewell" because you will never meet again.

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Thank you. You answered my question.

I don't know if you saw the movie Terminator 2, but in this movie Arnie wants to kill his enemy and just before he shoots him he says, "Hasta la vista, Baby!" Which obviously means, when translated, "Good Bye, Baby!" and not "See you later, Baby" because his intention is to kill his enemy.

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LOL sure I can imagine, but I wouldn't just suppose that the makers of a movie such as Terminator care even one bit if the Spanish they use is correct or not. It just sounds like something a tough guy could say... And goodbye can also be used to say to a person who you're sure you will see again.

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Hola Ian,

Actually it means both; See you later and Good by. Sometimes people are saying See you tomorrow.


Vanessa Young

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i really disagree with the explanations posted above

"hasta la vista" means i will never ever see you again

that's why in the movie they say that before they shoot


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Two of the most beautiful thing about spanish is the rhyme and rhythm. So 'HastA lA VistA baby (pronouced babA)' This is music. That is why it is memerable.

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It is meant as "until we see each other again" Or you can think of it as slang for the movie better as "SEE YOU IN THE AFTERLIFE"... Hasta la vista is usually used when you think it will be a while before you get a chance to see the other person. The terminator would not have seen the person in reference until the afterlife, do to the fact that he was going to kill him... The end.

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Hasta la vista means 'Bye' Hasta luego means 'I'll see you later' Hasta mañana means 'I'll see you tomorrow'

I hope those help. I am almost fluent.

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