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Doubt it's used as a dicho in Spain: any ideas'

  • Posted Jun 8, 2008
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Hola tad, en este foro siempre tenemos ideas:

venga, sal, estés donde estés....

Is this a hide an seek game?

voy, voy.....¡¡¡te pilléeeeeee!

(I'm coming, coming...gotcha!!!

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thanks, any others
In a film a guy is being followed (and he knows it) and eventually says something like:
I know you're there....come out, come out, wherever you are. (sarcastic reference to a game of hide-and-seek)

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One possibility:

Sé que estás ahí. ¡Venga, sal de tu escondite!

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Again, this is probably a regional saying but in Central America they say "Calabaza, Calabaza cada quien en su casa". Literally translated is "Pumpkin, Pumpkin every one in your home.

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Nice one, Sally. I like how local foods and plants are used in sayings. This one reminds me of a little thing I once heard:

¿Qué te pasa, calabaza?
Nada, nada, limonada.

Trivia: In hide-and-seek, when the seeker calls in all the hiders, he shouts "Olly olly oxen free!" The origin of this phrase, however, is chilling.

The exact origin of the phrase is unknown, but etymologists suspect it is a childish corruption of the German "Alle, alle auch sind frei!", (literally, "Everyone, everyone also is free!"), which is purported to have been a cruel joke often played upon Holocaust victims by their jailers. At any particular time, a prisoner might be released, immediately upon which the phrase would be shouted. Any other prisoners who also left would be killed further down the road by Nazi soldiers.

Puts a new spin on an old game, huh'

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Surely there must be lots of regional variants for this. I have herad this "calabaza" before from some Americans, but I never knew why they say that. The sentence I wrote is just the first thing I could come up with, not necessarily the best. The word "escondite" in Spain is mainly used among kids to refer to the hiding place when they play hide and seek.

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Wow! Chilling is the right word.

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

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