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Anyone out there doing Pimsleur Spanish I, II or III.

I am and got to one lesson where for the life of me I could not tell what they said, so basically I was lost.

But due to the marvels of the internet and the hard work of someone, I have found a file where every word of all 100 lessons is written down - so if you are lost you can look it up in the written lessson.

If anyone wants a copy let me know and I can email.

  • Posted Jun 4, 2008
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  • Can you please send me the link? I'm lost in the tenses. - suess33 Jul 21, 2011 flag
  • Hey, I tried the link you provided. It doesn't work anymore. Can you email the file to me? davidthehuss@gmail.com Thanks! - davidthehuss Sep 3, 2011 flag
  • Hi, Do you still have text files? I would really appreciate it if you could email them to me at awin.accounts@gmail.com Thank you. - awin2011 Jan 25, 2012 flag
  • If anyone has the transcripts i would be so grateful if you could email them me at stevewright09@yahoo.com. Thank you :D - stevewright1 Feb 17, 2012 flag
  • Can you email me the 100 lessons text file. I'm so lost at Spanish II. My email is odau@cox.net. Thanks. - odau Mar 13, 2012 flag

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Here is the actual zip file with all the info.

I started using the Pimsleur stuff after I reached a saturation point with book studying on my own. I just wasn't getting it. I need to hear it and say it to make any progress and it's helped a lot. I've slacked the last couple of weeks though because I'm busy.

I had some trouble hearing some of the words in there too. Fortunately, I'm listening to them on MP3's and Windows Media player has a setting to slow down the audio and some of the phrases I had to listen to 5 or 10 times before I understood it.

But here is the zip file attached. It's all text files inside and there are no viruses but of course you should scan it anyways before actually opening the file. Security first!

  • I don't see any file attached or linked to, can you please add the link amigo? - ian-hill Feb 26, 2013 flag
  • Difster, can you send me a copy of that zip file? duleedulee@gmail.com Greatly appreciated. - dulee Dec 4, 2014 flag
  • Can you please email it to me at sqrut1@gmail.com? TIA. - 006a4546 Jun 13, 2015 flag
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Can you give us the link'

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What / who is Pimsleur?

  • It's a Rosetta Stone competitor. Has his own "method". Many people swear by it. - PeterRS Feb 26, 2013 flag
  • both don't like copyright infringement ... ten cuidado! - readytodicta Mar 31, 2013 flag
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I have done all 4 levels. It works wonder for me!

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Hi Roger, all contributions are welcome, if you wnat to share something with others, could to bring the link here.

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Here it is.

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link doesn't work :( ... can someone email me?

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Pimsleur's materials, published by Simon & Schuster Audio, considers any transcripts of their CDs to be a copyright infringement. However, many "torrent" sites periodically do offer these transcripts. I, myself, do not use torrent sites, but for those who do, I'm sure you'll know how to find the ".pdf" transcripts.

WARNING : Do not , when buying Pimsleur products get ripped off by the "buy back" sites selling their courses. I sent my Spanish, I, II, and III back to the most "reputable" site, only to find they had gone out of business. So now I'm out of my CDs! confused

If you are seeking a particular word or phrase, I made notes of all my lessons and would be glad to answer a question here. cool smile

  • perhaps you could shed light on what the second announcer says (the one who only speakes spanish and says digge le/pregunta le/etc). many times he says something like 'tu tellando' which I cant figure out. - mrpriceisrig May 15, 2014 flag
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I started learning spanish with pimsleur. Even though the words in pimsleur are common and well spoken, I had difficulty learning.

If I had the written texts, it would have helped allot. I think it is completely worth it to get the texts.

It is however a little late for me as I have moved beyond pimsleur.

Pimsleur takes the position that this defeats their teaching method.. I think it enhances it.

Very nice of you to bring this up for spanish learners Roger.

Pimsleur in combination with spanish dict where they go over conjugations is a good method to learn.

  • I would be so grateful if you could email them me at doonerjohn@yahoo.com. Thank you :D - spanishhound Mar 15, 2012 flag
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Hi Roger, Can you email me the 100 lessons text file. garrybray@gmail.com Thank you very much. Garry.

  • His question was posted in 2008 so he probably isn't going to see this. - rac1 Feb 22, 2013 flag
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Hi Roger I have been looking for pimsleurs notes forever Is it possible u email me the file to wisesurfer@hotmail.com thanks

  • What Rac said: His question was posted in 2008 so he probably isn't going to see this - rogspax Feb 26, 2013 flag
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Can you send the notes to me also? I sent you a private message, and my e mail is in it

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Hi guys, does anybody have this transcript? Im at martygag@yahoo.com I need it bad...i dont care that the pimsleur technique says that it's best not to see the words - I think I learn better when I do.

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hi i was wondering if anybody at all has gotten this file. im desperate. please if anybody has any information at all email is glenjohnston21@gmail.com

  • I'm studying with pimsleur. I bought Spanish I, II and II on ebay but I don't have the workbooks nor an order code to access them online. Can anyone help me out here? - jdrew Jun 9, 2014 flag
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