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Does anyone know the meaning of "carrucho"? Is a type of seafood offered in Puerto Rican and Dominican restaurants. Spelling may not be right, or it's regional'

  • Posted Jun 4, 2008
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4 Answers

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Carrujo is a joint or a reefer.

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I found this explanation for carrucho

Pronounced "konk", this common soft bodied mollusk is nothing more than a slow moving long lived marine snail protected by a very hard shell and found in warm shallow waters in grass beds.

Conch is generally served five ways in the Caribbean islands: conch fritters, cracked conch, conch burgers, all of which are fried. The two non fried items are conch chowder and my very favorite, conch salad.

In Puerto Rico you find conch salad mostly at the beach side kiosks being served in a plastic cup with a spoon. Each vendor has their own way of making their marinade for this delicacy. Serve this 8 serving recipe for lunch or in place of any cold soup or as a before dinner salad.

For more Puerto Rican recipes, history, stories, newsclips, etc. please visit the following

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Where I live you can get conch in ceviche - delicioso!

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Thank you. That's what I thought. Tho I always pronounce it wrong in English. Didn't see the link to the Recipes.

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