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What does the spanish world "esmerilado" mean, specifically when used to describe glass ("vidrio esmerilado")'? Would it refer to a frosted piece glass, or a piece glass which has received a special paint treatment on one side to give it an opaque color? Thanks.

  • Posted May 21, 2008
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Intersting question, Als, this is the definition:

1. tr. Pulir algo o deslustrar el vidrio con esmeril o con otra sustancia

roca que .....deslustrar el vidrio y pulimentar los metales.

Yes, it has received a treatment to become opaque. The treatment though is given with this special "roca" , not a paint (well, I suppose originally, anyway)

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Als, the English will depend on the exact context. If you are talking about a shower door, for example, it will be "frosted glass." Another term used for window and door glass is "obscure glass," which is more general than frosted (it includes glass that has been molded with a pattern to distort transparency, rather than blasting or rubbing the glass with an abrasive, which is how frosted glass is made). If you are talking about a glass stopped used in science and medicine, it will be "ground-glass," as in "ground-glass neck."

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