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I was studying Spanish several years ago and became proficient in reading, but my speaking always lagged because I didn't have anyone to practice with. I got to the point where I could have a simple conversation about everyday topics, but anything past that made me uncomfortable.

I am now in a situation where I will need decent conversational Spanish for a few client meetings, probably in about 2-3 months. So: what's the best way for someone with a good foundation in Spanish grammar to get up to speed with speaking as fast as possible?


  • Posted Sep 13, 2017
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I would say as far as possible immerse yourself in Spanish. I don't know if you live somewhere with easy access to Spanish speakers. I don't know f you are self employed or part of a larger company - do they have a scheme? I remember going to a language school and one person there was having intensive private lessons because she worked for the UN and had a few months to improve her language skills. I think she may have started as a beginner.

Listen to Spanish music and programmes - I'd suggest the news. I use rtve but if you are based in the States you may want to look for programmes there.

Try and find a teacher with business skills who can improve your confidence speaking Spanish whilst helping you with the language necessary for your task. Remember you need not only to be able to express yourself in Spanish but also be able to understand questions.

If you have the time and money to n a language course preferably in a Spanish speaking country. I have been to Mexico and Spain. Most language schools offer group grammar lessons plus smaller size or individual conversation classes.

However, I'm sure many schools would offer a one to one course.

If you live somewhere with easy access to native speakers you could try and find someone in a similar line of work. Equally you may be able to find someone on the internet.

Do you know where your clients are from? If for example Argentina you may want to find a teacher from that area.

Do remember however good your Spanish used to be you will need to build your vocabulary for the task and improve your listening skills.

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It is easy to find a teacher online who will work with you for Conversational Spanish alone. Depending on the arrangement you can buy a package or pay per hour. I can't recommend any particular tutor, but I can recommend a school in Costa Rica that also gives on-line one-on-one tutoring sessions on-line as well as in person. It is called CPI and I know that their teachers and program are excellent.

The only way to improve your conversational Spanish is to practice speaking with someone. You can work on listening skills by watching TV and movies, and vocabulary and grammar comprehension by reading, but there is no substitute for speaking.

Here is the link to CPI. You can ask them about their on-line program.


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Often I brush up all by myself:

enter image description here

But I think the best way is when my assistant does it for me:

enter image description here

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