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I am pretending to be something I am not.

This challenge is based on an old radio program called 20 questions.

The idea is to ask me Yes – No questions to discover what I am.

*Estoy fingiendo ser algo que no soy. Este desafío se basa en un viejo programa de radio llamado 20 preguntas. La idea es preguntarme Sí o No hay preguntas para descubrir lo que soy.

Remember I can be anything.

Clue: Animal or vegetable or mineral

This was the previous challenge.

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Ray knows the answer.

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¿Eres la estación espacial?

Are you the Space Station?

enter image description here

Yes! the International Space Station.

Bien Hecho amiga smile

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Can you connect to the Internet?

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Are you famous?

¿Eres famoso?

  • No. Well known but not regarded as famous. :) - ian-hill Sep 13, 2017 flag
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¿Eres fabricado?

Are you manufactured?

  • This is a good question, in helps sort things into two large groups, my question will depend on the answer to this one. :) - bosquederobl Sep 13, 2017 flag
  • Yes :) - ian-hill Sep 13, 2017 flag
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¿eres cara?

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¿Requieres una fuente de poder para funcionar?

Do you require a power source to work?

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Pertenece a la computadora?

Are you computer-related?

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¿Eres animal?

Are you an animal?

  • No :) - ian-hill Sep 13, 2017 flag
  • Please note from my perspective, human beings are animals (they are not plants, fungi, protists or bacteria, or inanimate). But I know not everyone agrees with me. :) - bosquederobl Sep 13, 2017 flag
  • I do Bosque :) - ian-hill Sep 13, 2017 flag
  • Humans are not animals...:) - rac1 Sep 13, 2017 flag
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Are you a living being?
¿Eres un ser vivo?

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¿Eres una herramienta?

Are you a tool?

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¿Perteneces a la especie Homo Sapiens Sapiens? (nosotros)

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Do you use gas ?
¿Usas gasolina o como lo llamamos nosotros nafta?

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¿Eres un vehículo?
Are you a vehicle?

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¿Eras fabricado antes de la Revolución Industrial?
Were you manufactured before the Industrial Revolution?

I mean if it was possible to manufacture you with pre- Industrial Revolution technology. Quiero decir si era posible fabricarte con la tecnología preindustrial.

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¿Eres decorativa?

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