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There are many native English speakers here, most of us can offer great suggestions to the English sentences. I will do my best to go through them all, too. For the Spanish sentences, edit your posts according to the native Spanish speakers suggestions. Use today's Word of the Day in your own Spanish sentence (and include the English translation as well). Try to use the word in a completely new way and vote on the sentences you like best. The winner will be chosen based upon the correct use of the word as well as the number of votes.


Write sentences at least 5 words long, but don't write a paragraph either. Write your Spanish sentence, but include the English translation as well. Make the corrections suggested by other users and moderators in the comments section (try not to use personal pronouns unless absolutely necessary). Use your own words! (Don't use a translator, copy from a book, use song lyrics, etc.) Please keep political, religious or personal statements to a minimum. This is a practice game.

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1: Dan solicitó el permiso para pescar en un coto privado.

Dan applied for a permit to fish in a private preserve.

2: Hay muchos venados en el coto forestal.

There are many deer in the woodland preserve.

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La policía está tomando medidas para poner coto al saqueo después del huracán en Florida.

The police are taking measures to stop the looting after the hurricane in Florida.

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  • :) - jrschenk Sep 13, 2017 flag
  • Excelente uso de coto. Poner coto es una expresión muy usada. - Polenta Sep 13, 2017 flag
  • Thank you for posting, amiga. :) - rac1 Sep 13, 2017 flag
  • Thank you for your corrections, Polenta :) - rac1 Sep 13, 2017 flag
  • Gracias por el buen ejemplo Echo :-)! - Jraider Sep 13, 2017 flag
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Grandes partes de un coto que se llama “El área escénica nacional Garganta del río Columbia” se han incendido debido a un fuego artificial que un adolescente tiró en el bosque. Hay una discusión acalorada sobre cómo castigar el chico- soluciones varían de tirarlo en el fuego desde uno de los aviones que usan para entregar agua, a disculparlo totalmente debido a ser demasiado jóven para haber desarrollado un cerebro que funciona.

Large parts of a reserve that is called “The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area” have been burned due to a firework that a teenager threw into the forest. They There is a heated discussion about how to punish the boy- solutions vary from throwing him into the fire from one of the planes that they use to deliver water, to forgiving him totally due to being too young to have developed a brain that works.

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  • I hope they don't throw him into the fire. Why on earth would he do such a thing? - rac1 Sep 13, 2017 flag
  • Typo..."There" is a heated..... I think they should make him work on fires until he is an adult. Sad :-(! - Jraider Sep 13, 2017 flag
  • http://www.oregonlive.com/pacific-northwest-news/index.ssf/2017/09/witness_teens_giggled_as_they.html - bosquederobl Sep 13, 2017 flag
  • Thanks, Jraider. :) - bosquederobl Sep 13, 2017 flag
  • Typo Bosque - teenage boy / teenager. - jellonz Sep 13, 2017 flag
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El desierto Ojitos es un coto que está a menos de 40 milas de mi casa.

The Ojitos Wilderness is a preserve that is less than 40 miles from my house.

  • There are interesting things in your area. :) - rac1 Sep 13, 2017 flag
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En nuestro país hay un coto forestal maravilloso, pero por mala suerte a menudo es inundado por el río Danube y en este caso los pobre animales huyen a las colinas.

In our country there is a wonderful forest preserve, but due to bad luck is often flooded by the river Danube and in this case the poor animals flee to the hills.

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Los jóvenes de hoy realmente parecen gustar los cotos de la vida loca.

Young people today really seem to like wild life preserves.

Vida Loca

  • Buenos días, JR :) - rac1 Sep 13, 2017 flag
  • Hola, mi amiga. ;) - jrschenk Sep 13, 2017 flag
  • Viva la vida loca ;-)! - Jraider Sep 13, 2017 flag
  • Nice one Jrs :) I'm just wondering if "A los jóvenes" and "gustarles" are needed here? I really don't know ... it could be correct as is and I may be wrong :) - jellonz Sep 13, 2017 flag
  • very nice, jello, good job :) - Heidita2 Sep 13, 2017 flag
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For safety reasons, tourists in a game reserve are prohibited from leaving the vehicle. Por razones de seguridad, los turistas en un coto de caza están prohibido de salir del vehículo.

  • Perfedto uso de la palabra coto. Coto de caza es una expresión usual - polenta1 Sep 13, 2017 flag
  • They get out anyway, unfortunetly. - rac1 Sep 13, 2017 flag
  • So they don't get eaten ;-)! - Jraider Sep 13, 2017 flag
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Supermercados Coto es la cadena líder de Supermercados e Hipermercados de la Argentina - Al menos de acuerdo con su página web.

Coto Supermarkets is Argentina's leading chain of supermarkets and hypermarkets - At least according to their web page.

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Vivir como un santo no es necesariamente el coto de los religiosos.

To live as a saint is not necessarily the preserve of the religious.

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  • Def. not the religious. :) - rac1 Sep 14, 2017 flag
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