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Can someone please translate pulled pork into spanish for me. Need to put on a menu.

  • Posted May 16, 2008
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  • I love that you have a whole host of reponses to this question and it seems that a number of them have never heard of pulled pork before! :) - actorgirl Mar 17, 2014 flag

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I guess shredded pork would be another way to say it in English. It is slow cooked and then pulled apart. Thanks for your input!

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What is pulled pork. I have never heard of it.

  • Nor have I. Maybe it's a very tough casserole, later given tothe dogs, who pull it apart? - annierats Mar 17, 2014 flag
  • Really? Maybe its just an American expression! It is a pork roast that is cooked often in bbq sauce and shredded and then eaten on a bun or bread as a sandwich, or just plain. at least that is the way we do it in MN. :) - actorgirl Mar 17, 2014 flag
  • not expression, but food term or something? idk - actorgirl Mar 17, 2014 flag
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Eddy, it's an American thing. Come on over for a visit and try some!

Gustavo, isn't puerco pibil a type of pulled pork? I know that dish is popular in Mexico.

  • pibil refers to the marinade. The meat is puerco deshebrado. - gringojrf Mar 17, 2014 flag
  • I acutally just ate something recently called "Puerto Rican pulled pork." It was really good. - actorgirl Mar 17, 2014 flag
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Although I haven't heard the expression, a literal translation is "cerdo tirado"

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Gracias Gustavo
Desmenuzar - otra palabra nueva

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We are thiking of doing just that. The way our pound is plummetting against the Euro, it will be cheaper for us to go to America for a holiday.

  • you definitely should come here!! - actorgirl Mar 17, 2014 flag
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If your itinerary includes the San Francisco area, let me know. We'll go out for some Mexican food y unas chelas. ¡Y aquí la cerveza se sirve bien fría!

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Y a ti, también, Gustavo, me gustaría conocerte en persona. Déjame saber si subes a San Francisco algún día, a fin de que nos encontremos. Y en cuanto a las chelas, ¡te invito la primera!

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This is what I was trying to come up with! desmenuzado! Thanks for all of your help. Joan

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In an article I just came across, there is a description of a Panamanean dish called ropa vieja. It says you take a cut of meat called falda and cook it with herbs. Then:

"Luego de la cocción la carne se desmecha y se guisa en caldo con..." In that sentence, "se desmecha" is translated as "pulled apart."

So, it appears that desmechar might be a word that could be used in the context of "pulled pork." Perhaps puerco desmechado? However, I did not find desmechar in SpanDict.

Then later, in the same article, the word "deshilachar" is used as an alternative to desmechar. It says you "deshilachar" the meat (the cut called la falda), and then add the "carne deshilachada" to the broth. In SpanDict, though, the word deshilachar is not exactly translated as pull apart, though such a translation does not seem necessarily inconsistent with the translation provided.

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According to this wikipedia article it seems to be referred to as cerdo desgarrado.


hope that helps...


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In Mexico it would be puerco deshebrado. It is very common to see deshebrar used in this fashion.

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