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¿Qué significa "ave de paso" en la canción "Hoy Tengo Ganas de Tí "?
"Fuíste ave de paso y no se porqué razón
me fuí acostumbrando cada día más a ti.
Los dos inventamos la aventura del amor.
Llenaste mi vida y después te vi partir
sin decirme adiós...Yo te vi partir...."

  • Posted May 16, 2008
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4 Answers

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Hola Dani!
Ok in this song the phrase means 'not long- lasting'
If you refer to someone as 'ave pasajera' or 'ave de paso' it would mean a person who came to you but not stayed for long... for example in a relationship...

Hope it helps... if you don't understand very well feel free to ask =)

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To add to Vicky's explanation, ave de paso is a migratory bird, that does not stay put in one place. In English we might use other metaphors, such as "You left like the morning dew," or if it were a country song, the writer might say something corny like "You were a bumblebee and I was just one of your flowers." jeje

BTW, it should be "no sé por qué razón."

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Thank you James =)

and yes, it is= "no sé por qué razón" because is a question... "Por qué" needs to be separated when making questions...

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Thank you, Vicky. I hope that I will receive an opportunity to reciprocate by clarifying something for you about English.

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