what does qué onda? mean? | SpanishDict Answers
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I need to know quickly.

  • Posted May 23, 2008
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That's mexican Spanish: what's up'

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it means roughly "what's shakin", "what's goin on", "what's up"

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In Argentina we say it too... meaning "What's going on'" as my friends said...

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Indeed it does mean all of the above, but it does seem to carry a bit of baggage with it.

I used it the other day with my young Mexican barber with whom I've become friendly. And he frowned.

I asked why, and he said, "Por aquí, es utilizado por malvado, jóvenes chicos que son conectados con el traficantes."

"Around here, it's used by tough, young kids that are connected to the drug trade."

He continued, "Y usted es ni jóvenes o un traficante."

"And you are neither young or a drug dealer."

And I thought I was being "cool!"

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I agree with "what's shakin', what's up, what's happening...etc."

I disagree, in part, with the Mexican barber who thinks it is used by young drug guys...maybe they use it but it is also used commonly among other young people as a greeting just like the above greetings in English..

The young barber was probably trying to dissuade us old folks from using their slang.

I'm not young but I use it when I greet a young Mexican friend who taught it to me several years ago, and she is in her late 20s and she isn't involved in drugs...nightlife maybe, but not drugs.

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Que Onda? My Chilean friend used this phrase today, so i was very glad to find it here. Thanks SpanishDict for the resources!

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