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As you are probably aware, April 22 is World Earth Day and as we all know big changes can happen when we all take little steps in the right direction.

If you fancy using this topic as a Spanish comprehension exercise, let’s see how many great suggestions we can glean from this article on practical things that we can do to take care of the environment.

Can you find the 12 practical suggestions given in the article? Or even if you just want to post one and your thoughts on it or a picture etc - that'd be great!

List them below (along with an English translation) and add any extras that you can think of.

Feel free to also post your thoughts here.

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I'll give it a try. All laughter and jokes (about my Spanish version) will be fully appreciated. grin

Usa prendas naturales de producción ecológica. Por ejemplo los beneficios del algodon ecológico son tanto para nuestra salud como para el medio ambiente porque es cultivado y crece en campos de tierra fértil libres de pesticidas, herbicidas y fertilizantes químicos sintéticos, y es hilado y producido sin químicos tóxicos.

Para mí, el último apartado (en ejemplo 6) es una paradoja. Los ambientalistas nos piden que usemos los productos orgánicos que son cultivados sin fertilizantes químicos. Obviamente es necesario usar algún abono para mantener las plantas sanas y por esa razón yo supongo que los ambientalistas aceptan la utilización de los fertilizantes naturales como estiércol de vacas, ovejas o cerdos pero, al mismo tiempo ellos culpan a estos animales por producir las emisiones de GEI (gases de efecto invernadero), un factor que ellos dicen contribuye al calentamiento mundial. Para mí no tiene ningún sentido, los ambientalistas estan luchando contra ellos mismos.

This last paragraph (in example # 6) is a paradox to me. The environmentalists ask us to use organic products grown without chemical fertilizers, Obviously some fertilization is necessary to maintain healthy plants so I'm assuming that a 'natural' fertilizer like manure (cow, sheep or pig etc.) is acceptable. Yet, these animals are being blamed by the environmentalists for emitting too much 'greenhouse' gas which they say contributes to 'global warming'. It makes no sense to me, they are waging war against themselves.

Cow Dung - A Source of Green Energy - the official website of Denmark

According to the above website:

Traditionally cow dung has been used as a fertilizer, though today dung is collected and used to produce biogas. This gas is rich in methane and is used in rural areas of India/Pakistan and elsewhere to provide a renewable and stable source of electricity. According to the International Energy Agency, bioenergy (biogas and biomass) have the potential to meet more than a quarter of world demand for transportation fuels by 2050

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