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I haven't been on here lately because this is the busiest time of the year for the company I work for, but I've missed you all!

I was hoping someone could help me out with a translation of the simple phrase "Happy Easter".

In high school Spanish class, we always learned it as "Feliz Pascua", but after reading some threads around the internet concerning the phrase, I've discovered it's not really so simple of a translation!

Here are some of the options I've found:

  • Feliz pascua
  • Felices pascuas
  • Feliz semana santa

Can someone shed some light on which phrase they've heard used more frequently and in which dialect/region?

Thank you smile


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A way to avoid regionalisms and religious preferences would be: Que pases bien la Semana Santa.

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It depends on where you live.

I live in Colombia and here when the holy week (Semana Santa) finishes, starts an ''Easter week'' (Semana de Pascua), when we celebrate 7 days of Jesus' resurrection.

So, in Holy Week, we don't say ''Feliz Pascua'' OR ''Feliz Semana Santa'' OR ''Felices Pascuas'' because we're commemorating the ''Última cena'', the ''Crucifixión'', the ''Vigil'' and finally the last day of the holy week, the sunday we celebrate the Resurrection, there it's when we usually say: ''Felices pascuas'' OR ''Feliz Pascua'' OR ''Feliz Resurrección del Señor", but never ''Feliz Semana Santa''

Here, if you're atheist, you won't say ''Feliz Semana Santa'' because you don't believe in God, and if you're believer you don't say: ''Feliz Semana Santa'', because we commemorate the death of Jesus.

And well, I think I'm saying this on behalf of Latin America.

Those translations are good. I just said all that because it wouldn't be good that you say something that could be offensive for a believer person in Latin America.

In the USA, the easter time is almost refered to that Rabbit who hides eggs and kids go and look for them, something like that. In Latin America, the easter time is refered to that time to reflect and think about Jesus' resurrection, being glad because He rose to Heaven.

I've heard these expressions: * Felices Pascuas de Resurrección. * Feliz Semana Santa * Feliz Resurrección.

I hope you've understood :p

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