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Me gustaria saber por qué quieres aprender español.


Saludos para todos !!

  • Posted Dec 29, 2007
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Hola Alba,

Yo quiero aprender espanol porque yo naci en Caracas, y vivia en Venezuela por catorce anos. Yo quiero aprender hablar y escribir espanol mejor, y quiero practicarlo mas. Yo vivo en San Luis, Missouri, y ya tenemos muchos hispanicos aqui, y los encuentro durante mi trabajo. Yo quiero comunicar con ellos mejor.


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Es un reto gozable y nunca se alcanza perfección completa!

It is an enjoyable goal, and you never achieve complete perfection.

alt text

  • Pero seguimos a alcanzarlo. - sagiia Aug 21, 2010 flag
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I am learning Spanish because I have always loved the language since I studied in high school many years ago. Since I am not working due to the economic situation, I might as well spend my time doing something constructive. I am finding that it is a challenge, but it does help your memory skills. I am hoping to use it to help set up a training program for South American cytology students, so I am working on some translations in that field.

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I began learning Spanish about 13 years ago because I had a job as a compliance officer at a hospital (person in charge of making sure that there are no fraudulent practices in either the medical side or the financial side of the hospital) and the hospital was located in an area of Chicago where Spanish was the only language spoken by many of the patients. I thought that learning Spanish would allow me to have direct communication with part of the patient population instead of having to rely on a translator.

But then, 12 years ago, I was in a catastrophic motor vehicle accident and sustained a large number of injuries, the most significant one to my brain. I had to start my life over almost from scratch, and that included learning to read again, speak, etc. One of the many things "lost" was my fledgeling knowlege of Spanish. I have been trying for these past 12 years to recover it. I was almost back to baseline in Spanish when I found SpanishDict in July. With the help of the Forum members I am beginning to be able to tackle new areas of the language that until now had not been available to me.

After the accident, I wanted to study Spanish again because I wanted to get as much "me" back as possible. Now I study it because I love the language, and I love the role that learning it plays in my life.

I also want to become fluent because we hope to live at least part of the year in Costa Rica, where the weather in the Central Valley will be much better for my health than the extremes that we have here in Chicago.

The learning process is slow going for me because I still have a significent problem with short-term memory. Much of what I learn the day before is gone by the next day. But that does not make things impossible...it just means that I have to work harder and wait longer.

Thanks to all of you, my new friends at SpanishDict, especailly Gekkosan, Marianne, Heidita, Lazarus, Izanoni and others who have shared their knowlege, their insights and their time.

One day I will be able to write this entire note in Spanish....but not quite yet.

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me encanta espanol! Es una idioma bonita y divertida. Tengo muchos amigos de Peru, porque vivi en Peru por una programa de intercambio, aprendi mucho y ahora quiero aprender mas! Necicito conversar con y entender mis amigos nuevos de alla!

if i made any mistakes, let me know!

  • Ok, a little help Idioma is masculine. If your friends are still in Peru, use "en" . After "entender: use the personal "a" "entender a mis amigos -----" And by "alla" are you referring to Peru or here. It sounds like you're still talking about them. - Daniela2041 Nov 16, 2014 flag
  • If you are referring to "mis amigos nuevos" on this site, use "aquí." I make a lot of mistakes on my previous comment I should have put a period after "a little help" - Daniela2041 Nov 16, 2014 flag
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Estoy de acuerdo con vosotros. Me encanta el sonido del español. Para mi ¡es el idioma más bonito del mundo! También aprender español es buena manera de conocer gente muy maja como vosotros. smile

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Quiero aprender espanol para dominarlo. Tambien, quiero viajar a Espana.

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Vivo en Florida del sur, Hay mucha gente que habla español aquí. Tengo vecinos de Mexico y amigos de Cuba.
Estoy retirado y disfruto las clases de español. .Espero ir a Mexico para español inmersión por un mes.

Por favor, corrige los errores, acentos, tiempo y agramaticales.

  • Hi, the only thing I see is, I would use the word "jubilado" instead of retirado. Check your dictionary you'll see why. We even have a member on this site whose user name is "Jubilado," Check him out, he's muy amigo mío. I don't know about "agramaticales" - Daniela2041 Nov 16, 2014 flag
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Mi esposa habla español, tan quiero hablar español con ella.

  • ¡Que romántico! Español es la lengua de amor. - sagiia Aug 21, 2010 flag
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Yo quiro hablar espanol con mi esposa, mi familia y mi amigos. Mi esposa puede hablar muy bien.
Plus I'm tired of people asking me "what kind of Mexican are you that can't speak Spanish".

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Mis abuelos viven en Espana, y a les visito a menudo. Mi Esposa y yo quisieramos vivir y trabajar en Espana en el futuro. Pero actualmente, estoy feliz solo hablar Espanol para diversion y estudiar tan mucho como posible.

(please correct any errors smile )

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Dear Henry

You are right regarding the three languages, i learned english fluent and now i want to improve my spanish for business as well, about chinese i know a few words cause i have been in Shanhai last year. At the moment, because i am working in Jordan i learned some arabic which is good too. Everything you learn is good for you.


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Estoy aprendiendo el espanol porque me encanta la vida latino. La comida, la musica, la familia, ....las latinas (quel rica!!) Soy un gringo, verdad, pero espero que yo podre hablar espanol perfectamente uno dias.

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Deseo aprender español porque me fascina el idioma y la cultura. No sé porque pero todo suena mejor en español. Además soy enfermera y tenemos muchas pacientes hispanohablantes.

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I don't want to learn spanish, I want to learn English and more lenguages. I know so much spanish and I will help anyone if he/she needs, however, I would like that someone help me with my english.


No quiero aprender español, quiero aprender ingles y mas lenguas. Se mucho español y ayudare a cualquiera que lo necesite, sin embargo, me gustaria que alguien me ayude con mi ingles.


  • What kind of help are you seeking? Do you want someone to correct errors? or to chat with? or? - sagiia Aug 21, 2010 flag
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