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¿Qué significa la expresión ---¡Más te vale!--- en Inglés? ¿Cómo y cuándo puedo utilizarla?

3 Answers

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You better not do it!

Look at this thread to find some great examples of when/where to use it.

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It isn't really "you better not do it" it is just "you better"

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it varies on what you are talking about but in most cases, it means " you'd better "

Examples: 1. "Mas the vale sacar la basura antes que empiéze a apestar!" " You'd better take the trash out before it starts to stink"

             2. " Mas the vale ir a trabajar hoy, hoy dia sirven almuerzo gratis en la oficina!"

                 "You'd better go to work today, today they are giving  free lunch in the office"
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