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En este momento no tenemos un corrector oficial para el español.

Por favor, póngase en contacto con Annie (Rac1) si le gustaría ser un voluntario.

Como tenemos muchos nativos ingleses, por favor siéntase libre para ayudarse mutuamente.

Las directrices:

Una frase debe tener al menos 4 palabras.

Limite tus respuestas a 4 frases o menos.

No copie directamente tu respuesta del traductor.

No utilice letras de canciones o frases que no son fácilmente traducidos al inglés.

No copie y pegue de un libro o de otra fuente directamente.

Utilice tus propias palabras, por favor.

A un miembro se le permite una respuesta.

Incluya el inglés, así como el español, en tu respuesta.

In English:

The English words of the day are Heaven, Hell (cielo, infierno )

At this time we do not have an official corrector in Spanish.

Please contact Annie (Rac1) if you would like to be a volunteer.

As we have many English native speakers please feel free to help one another.


A sentence must have at least 4 words.

Limit your answer to 4 sentences or less.

Do not copy your answer directly from the translator.

Do not use song lyrics or phrases that are not easily translated to English.

Do not directly copy and paste from a book or other source.

Use your own words, please.

A member is allowed one answer.

Include the English, as well as the Spanish, in your answer.


It was heaven being away from the phone for a week.

Fue una maravilla estar lejos del teléfono durante una semana.

The words Heaven and Hell are more descriptive in Spanish.

Las palabras Cielo y Infierno son más descriptivas en español.

This was the previous challenge.

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  • G'day Ian, don't mention ze war ! - ray76 Jan 5, 2014 flag
  • It has been a dark night and day for me ,Alterna entre el cielo y el infierno. - ray76 Jan 5, 2014 flag
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El paraíso debe ser un buen lugar. ¡Todo el mundo estan muriendo para llegar allí!

Heaven must be a great place. Everyone is dying to get there!

enter image description here

  • Thanks, you inspired me. - annierats Jan 5, 2014 flag
  • Where do atheists go after they pass? - 0095ca4c Jan 9, 2014 flag
  • University? :p Anyway, the combination of pun and picture is nothing less than heavenly. Say halo to my vote! - Helado_eclec Jan 10, 2014 flag
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Welcome to Hell's Kitchen.

Bienvenidos a la cocina del infierno.

enter image description here

  • That is a play on words , Asians sometimes mispronounce - " lovely " as " rubbery" - ray76 Jan 5, 2014 flag
  • Good one Annie , how are you , I am still very sad , I hate to lose a good friend , i hope she is OK . - ray76 Jan 5, 2014 flag
  • I hope so too, Ray. I think all is well. - rac1 Jan 5, 2014 flag
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Cuando el cielo es muy rojo y oscuro en la madrugada, yo sé que mi día será

cómo el cielo y el infierno.

When the sky is a dark red at dawn , I know that my day will be like heaven and hell.


El cielo es la visión del deseo cumplido,

El infierno de la sombra de un alma atormentada.

Heaven is the vision of fulfilled desire ,

Hell the shadow of a tormented soul.

enter image description here

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Somewhere between heaven and hell there is a place called purgatory.

Entre el cielo y el infierno hay un lugar que se llama purgatorio.

enter image description here

  • Good Lilium - but the articles "the" are not needed in English. "Between heaven and hell ........." is correct. - ian-hill Jan 5, 2014 flag
  • OK :) - 00b5f6c6 Jan 5, 2014 flag
  • Yes and that place is called earth. :-) - 0095ca4c Jan 9, 2014 flag
  • Hola Margherite :) I haven't seen you for a while on SD. - 00b5f6c6 Jan 10, 2014 flag
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I like a song by the Danish band Volbeat called "Heaven Nor Hell."

Me gusta una canción de la banda danesa Volbeat llamado "Cielo Ni Infierno."

  • A bit noisy don't you think amigo :0 - ian-hill Jan 5, 2014 flag
  • A bit more than a bit! :) Kept me awake while wrapping up my last round of college classes. - vevans Jan 5, 2014 flag
  • You'll need a hearing aid before you're 40! - 0095ca4c Jan 9, 2014 flag
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Hay gente que no puede creer en el cielo. Pero si tienen un corazón puro, quién sabe si estarán en el cielo, o infierno.

There are people who cannot believe in heaven. But if they have a pure heart, who knows whether they will be in heaven or hell.

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El cielo de uno es el infierno del otro. One's heaven is another's hell.

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Only heaven knows what they think of you.

Sólo Dios sabe lo que piensan de ti.

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Los precios de terrenos en el cielo estan subiendo y los immobiliarias piden 3%. Creo que tenemos que buscar otro sitio mas baratito.

The price of land in Heaven is on the up, and the estate agents are asking 3%. I think we have to look for something less pricey.

  • Maybe a nice cloudfront property on the edge of Purgatory? :)) - Noetol Jan 5, 2014 flag
  • :) - ian-hill Jan 5, 2014 flag
  • Perhaps we could haggle? That practice is still alive and kicking! - 0095ca4c Jan 9, 2014 flag
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enter image description here

Mi cielo favorito es en el arte del renascimiento.

My favorite Heaven is in the art of the Renaissance.

  • People have been trying to find it for a very long time. It must be well hidden. :) - ian-hill Jan 5, 2014 flag
  • ¡Muy precioso! - Helado_eclec Jan 10, 2014 flag
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¿Sabe cuándo estoy en el séptimo cielo?

Cuando sé que estoy entre mis amigos.

¿Sabe cuándo estoy en un infierno privado?

Cuando no sé si mis amigos son mis amigos en realidad.

Do you know when I am in seventh heaven?

When I know that I am among my friends.

Do you know when I burn in a private hell?

When I don't know if my friends really are my friends.

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  • Did you bypass one through six? - 0095ca4c Jan 9, 2014 flag
  • I took the shortcut. You have to get to the end of 1:2, then jump onto the top platform and keep walking right till you see three pipes. Take the leftmost one and bam! - Helado_eclec Jan 10, 2014 flag
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The road to hell is paved with good intentions. El camino al infierno está pavimentado con buenas intenciones.

  • Great saying. Hola Pam ;) - 00b5f6c6 Jan 6, 2014 flag
  • :) - ian-hill Jan 6, 2014 flag
  • Hola lilium gracias - pmikan-pam Jan 6, 2014 flag
  • Gracias Ian - pmikan-pam Jan 6, 2014 flag
  • I wonder if the road to heaven is paved with bad intentions? Can you get there as long as you repent the bad intentions? Hola amiga, I'm looking for the answer :-) - 0095ca4c Jan 9, 2014 flag
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The movie 'Heaven and Hell' by Akira Kurosawa was originally titled 'Tengoku to Jigoku'.

El cine 'Cielo y Infierno' por Akira Kurosawa se tituló originalmente 'Tengoku to Jigoku'.

Reference (if anyone really cares lol)

High and Low

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