Hola que tal, podría alguien explicarme por que la traducción del español al ingles de la siguiente oración es incorrecta:

"Ella me explicó su cultura"

I wrote the following as translation:

She explained me her culture.... [But the answer was incorrect]

Then it showed me this as correct answer:

"She explained her culture to me."


O debería escribir: [Then it showed this as correct answer to me:]

I am a bit confused now. I hope I solve soon.


  • Posted Dec 3, 2013
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Well the most direct would be: She explained to me her culture. The Spanish "me" being an indirect object pronoun. We translate indirect object pronouns generally as to/for the indirect object.

But in English we would change the order to: She explained her culture to me.

  • Thank you. Anyway I will practice it when I have more time... - 007e54d7 Dec 3, 2013