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A veces voy a pie.

  • Posted Nov 10, 2013
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I walk sometimes too. You can use the verb caminar, to walk.

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Gringo, wouldn't you say "sometimes I go by foot"?

I understand what you said and I agree that "I walk" it is normally used.

  • You translated his sentence: Sometimes I go by foot. I responded to his question saying that. I walk sometimes too. - gringojrf Nov 10, 2013 flag
  • Como en a veces camino. - chileno Nov 10, 2013 flag
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Yo también tengo que andar a pie. Estoy utilizando el coche de San Fernado.

I have to walk too. I go by foot. I use Shank's pony.

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Ir a pie es lo que hacen los zoquetes. Yo ando en bici.

Walking is for scrubs. I ride my bike.

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