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Dictionary says "ciruela".. but I thought that was "plum."

Is there a different word for "prune"'

  • Posted May 1, 2008
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3 Answers

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plum= ciruela
prune= ciruela pasa (fruit), also mean Majadero, bobo, tonto (refers to persons)
prune (vt)= podar, recortar, etc...

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How do you say "I prune"? I hope it is podo and not puedo? Me confundire si es asi.

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It seems that just "ciruelas" is often used to mean prunes, and adjectives are added only to clarify that the fruit has been dried.

This site calls them ciruelas (it's printed on the bag), and in the description of the product calls them ciruelas desecadas.


Here's another produce site where "dried prunes" is rendered as "ciruelas."


And here's another site, where they call them ciruelas on the bag, but describe them as ciruelas secas.


Just like in Spanish it's pez or pescado depending on the state of the thing, but in English it's always fish, in English it's plum or prune depending on the state of the thing, but in Spanish it can be always ciruela.

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