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La palabra del día en inglés es: “shoe” (zapato)

En este momento no tenemos un corrector oficial para el español. Por favor, póngase en contacto con Annie (Rac1) si le gustaría ser un voluntario.

Como tenemos muchos nativos ingleses, por favor siéntase libre para ayudarse mutuamente.

Las directrices:
Una frase debe tener al menos 4 palabras.
Limite tus respuestas a 4 frases o menos.
No copie directamente tu respuesta del traductor.
No utilice letras de canciones o frases que no son fácilmente traducidos al inglés.
No copie y pegue de un libro o de otra fuente directamente.
Utilice tus propias palabras, por favor.
A un miembro se le permite una respuesta.
Incluya el inglés, así como el español, en tu respuesta.

In English:

The English Word of the Day is: “shoe” (zapato)

At this time we do not have an official corrector in Spanish. Please contact Annie (Rac1) if you would like to be a volunteer.

As we have many English native speakers please feel free to help one another.

A sentence must have at least 4 words.
Limit your answer to 4 sentences or less.
Do not copy your answer directly from the translator.
Do not use song lyrics or phrases that are not easily translated to English.
Do not directly copy and paste from a book or other source.
Use your own words, please.
A member is allowed one answer.
Include the English, as well as the Spanish, in your answer.


“Take off your shoes because they are dirty.”

"The woman paid twenty dollars for the shoes."


"Quítese los zapatos porque están sucios."

"La mujer pagó veinte dólares por los zapatos."

I am learning Spanish, too, so any suggestions are welcome and appreciated!

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My red stilettos are my favorite shoes.

Mis stilettos rojos son mis zapatos favoritos.

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Aquí mi estilo de zapato favorito.

Here is my favorite type of shoe.

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Women like high heeled shoes, although sometimes wearing these shoes can be painful.

A las mujeres les gustan los zapatos de tacón alto, aunque algunas veces usar de estos zapatos puede estar doloroso.

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Beatrice loved to kick her shoes off at the end of the day.

Beatrice le gustaba quitar sus zapatos al final de la jornada.

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  • Annie, are you talking about after gustaba or before sus zapatos? You've been to Spain, what does your ear tell you to tell me? - katydew Oct 21, 2013 flag
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Durante mi estancia reciente en España me desgasté dos pares de sandalios por caminar tanto, y tuve que tirarlos a basuras el último día de mi visita.No hablamos de mis ampollas.

During my recent stay in Spain I wore out two pairs of sandals by walking so much. I had to throw them away the last day of my visit. We won't talk about my blisters.

  • What did your eyes see that kept motivating your feet? - katydew Oct 21, 2013 flag
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¡La reparación de zapato puede ser divertido!

Shoe repair can be amusing!

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No matter what she says, I always want to keep my shoes clean.

Diga lo que diga, siempre quiero tener mis zapatos limpios.

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No necesitas ningún zapato para jugar fútbol en Brasil.

You don´t need any shoes to play soccer in Brazil.

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Cenicienta tenía un zapato de cristal.

Cinderella had a glass shoe.

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  • Somehow, even when I was little, that seemed a little off-base... how does one comfortably wear a glass shoe? Can you imagine the sound on tiles? - katydew Oct 21, 2013 flag
  • And look at how often you would have to wash your feet , very improbable, how are you Katya ? - ray76 Oct 21, 2013 flag
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I only wear shoes to protect my feet.

Sólo llevo zapatos para protegir los pies

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