Would you please help me to change sentence from singular to plural? " El estudiante inteligente es trabajador."

  • Posted Sep 15, 2013
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  • El estudiante inteligente es trabajador. - The intelligent student is hard-working.
  1. El - Definite article masculine singular. You have to put it un plural. Check this.
  2. estudiante - This word is used for both genders but it's singular and has to be changed into plural. Check this.
  3. inteligente - Is an adjective and adjectives in Spanish are variable in gender and number. Check this one.
  4. es - Is the conjugation of the verb 'ser' - to be. You have third person singular (indicative tense, present form) and you need to change it into third person plural. Check this.
  5. trabajador - This is a noun (masculine and singular) but it operates like an adjective in this sentence. Check the link in point number 3 again.

Give it a try and post your attempt.

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Welcome to the forum. Please fill out your profile so we know what language you are studying and what your native language is. Post your attempt and we will be happy to help if corrections are needed.

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