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I just learned a new name "Xavier". However, I heard the teacher say "Javier". So, how do you say the name? If you pronounce "Javier", then why bother having another name with the same sound but different spelling?

  • Posted Sep 5, 2013
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In addition to what MrSoprano says, which I sure are correct regional pronunciations, it is also pronounced exactly like Javier in Spanish, but I think the name is more commonly spelled Javier. Since the "sh" sound all but disappeared from Spanish pronunciation the use of "X" to represent it also did, but remains in a few proper nouns and is pronounced like the letter "jota". The 2 most common are "Texas" - now usually spelled "Tejas" - and "México" which will probably remain in that spelling.

  • Thanks for telling me that the correct pronunciation for "Texas" is "Tejas" and "Méjico" for "México". - joygogo Sep 5, 2013 flag
  • :) - ian-hill Sep 5, 2013 flag
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You should ask the owner of that name to be sure about the pronunciation. In Spain there are 2 variants:

  • Xavier with ch, like in chest or chin. Mostly Catalonia.
  • Xavier with sh, like in shampoo or sheriff. Mostly Basque Country.
  • Good advice. If I have any chance to meet any people with that name, I will ask them first. Gracias! - joygogo Sep 5, 2013 flag
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I worked with a man named Xavier.(This in the U.S.A). It was pronounced " x-zavier " ,now this could have been his personal preference. I just thought I would add my two bits.

  • Thanks! Your answer is much more than two cents worth. Ha! Ha! - joygogo Sep 6, 2013 flag
  • My familiarity with the name in English has it as pronounced "Zavier" (Zayv-your), but English is not used to "X's" occurring at the beginning of a word except xylophone and Xerox. - Jubilado Sep 6, 2013 flag
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Xabier (pronounced tsab-yair) is a name of basque origin (etxeberri=new house).

In Galician, Portuguese and Catalan is Xavier (pronounced shab-yair). In the Galician language there's no pronunciation or letter j (in galician usually is written X (sh) xamón (ham)= jamón or ll (english j). ojo (eye)=ollo

In Castilian this name is Javier (pronounced hab-yair)

  • "Javier" is pronounced [hab-yair] in Castilian??? You mean [hab-yair] for "jav-ier"? Hmmm, it is hard to associate [yair] with "ier"! - joygogo Sep 6, 2013 flag
  • Thanks, it always helps to hear from the source of a name! - Jubilado Sep 6, 2013 flag
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