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elena y ernesto (estan or son) estudiantes

  • Posted Sep 2, 2013
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I think it is "son" as it is an essential characteristic of the two. While not permanent I still think "son".

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The word you want to use is "son" because their profession is considered to be students.

Soy abogado

Eres maestra

Es banquera

Somos cancionistas

Son estudiantes

Hope this helped!

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It is son, look here ser estar to learn more.

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Ser - intrinsic state of being. It isn't something that is going to go away easily.

Estar - State of being temporary and state of location, to be located/situated at a place or in a situation.

Would the second explanation be OK and understandable?

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Ser, which means "to be", is used to express the identity of the subject.

Yo soy médico. I am a doctor.

¿Ustedes son ingleses? Are you English?

Elena and Ernesto son estudiantes.

Here is an example using estar:

Elena y Ernesto están estudiando. Elena and Ernesto are studying.

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