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Can anyone suggest some of popular Spanish song , to start listen to it regularly i think it will be a good idea (learning Spanish through songs ) ??

  • Posted Aug 7, 2013
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Here is a post with some songs. Some links might not work. If you put Spanish songs into the search box, you get a lot of choices.

Good luck

Song post

  • ¡Gracias! every thing i need there next time, i will search before asking - Mohammad_alq Aug 7, 2013 flag
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You might also find this website helpful


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Children's songs can be very helpful, they are simple, repetitive and usually have a catchy tunes; which makes them easy to recall. They are good for learning words and simple grammatical concepts http://www.mamalisa.com/ http://www.123teachme.com/learn_spanish/children_songs_lyrics

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I suspect that, through songs, you will learn how the words are twisted in a song. You will not learn normal speech.

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I don't know any Spanish, but I really like Shakira and I thought it would be fun to pick up a few phrases by learning her Spanish lyrics. One song I really like is called La Pared, and the first line is "eres como una predicción de las buenas" which I typed into the translator tool on this site. It returned "you're like a good prediction" "You are as a prediction of the good" "you are like a prediction of the good ones"

Does anyone know what this means in English? Is this a way of saying "you are lucky"? Is this a common expression?

Thanks! smile

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