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we bought my daughter a Mexican Dancing Horse from our friend that raise's them, his name is Capricho.. we were told it meant spoiled child, but I haven't found anything that says that online.

  • Posted Jul 29, 2013
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4 Answers

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It is probably derived from caprichoso.

Capricious, whimsical, obstinate. Fanciful.

Often used to describe two year olds.

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The word means a ' whim', a light desire.. Sometimes even ,'' just for fun''.

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Whims. Caprichos can be used in a negative sense, such as having to deal with a person and their constant desires, a person caprichoso.

Por ejemplo:

¿Mi novia es muy caprichosa, que hago?

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" Capricho" is a noun meaning "whim" 'craving" "caprice" depending on context.

" Caprichoso" is an adjective qualifying a characteristic ( about the above).Whimsical, capricious. Could even go to "fickle" ( in Spanish in certain context).

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