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I am beginning to learn about stem changing verbs. I understand the appropriate stem changes, I was just wondering how you recognize a stem changing verb? Is there a rule to know which verbs are stem changing or do you just learn and memorize from experience?

  • Posted Jul 29, 2013
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I never learned a trick, rather I developed a keen ear for what sounds right and what doesn't.

As a beginner, I learned these in school and we ended up using them so much that they got stuck in my memory. Soon I was able to figure out that "Quero just doesn't sound right, so it must be quiero."

Once you get more advanced, you may even be able to recognize that a verb changes without ever seeing it before.

That's all I got smile

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A good and fair question. I´m sorry to report it´s mostly just memorization. Experience and practice will make it easier over time. You will start to recognize patterns over time too, and eventually won´t even think about it much.

Also, note that words, and other words with additional prefixes, will be conjugated just alike. For instance, Tener and Obtener. Poner and Suponer, etc etc.

Buena suerte.

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  • Good answer and, as unfortunate as it is, you are right. - kirk1 Jul 29, 2013 flag
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