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Does anyone else get this photo 'popping' up on the right hand side of your SD pages? I believe it's an ad for online games but since I don't play, I wonder why are they targeting my views? The actual image is much larger and 'hits you in the eye' so to speak.

I went searching for the right size and found it... just to give you a better idea of what I'm seeing.

Thanks for all your input.

LagartijaVerde grin has solved my problem so I'm removing the graphic.

  • What sites have you been visiting? :-} It's a fantasy social online game. I haven't noticed it if it is there. Do you view other blogs?. - 0083f5dc Jul 12, 2013 flag
  • Hola Margherite. - heliotropema Jul 12, 2013 flag
  • Hey Jl...I don't havemuch time between work, studying spanish, walking the dog and cooking for friends. I visit spanish learning sites. I can list them on one hand. I google pics for SD, do they count that? - 0095ca4c Jul 13, 2013 flag
  • I actually don't know. I was just teasing you:) - 0083f5dc Jul 13, 2013 flag
  • Hi...I knew you were joshing. I actually thought that maybe I was the only one since no one else has mentioned it. I guess I can only hope for equal opportunity if that is the case. - 0095ca4c Jul 13, 2013 flag

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Get Adblock Plus, Run it in Firefox. You'll never see an ad again.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm going to do it today. - 0095ca4c Jul 13, 2013 flag
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The ads appear based on the sites that have been visited on your computer. I noticed this same thing the other day.

If you share a computer that could explain why you're seeing ads for things outside of your normal surfing habits.

  • HA! jlwilso mentioned tires in her post and now I see ads for tires. Apparently ads also appear based on the content of our posts. GMail does this as well. - rodneyp Jul 13, 2013 flag
  • Hi. That's what I thought but I don't share my computer and I don't play online games or visit gaming sites which is the audience this ad is trying to attract. - 0095ca4c Jul 13, 2013 flag
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So what am I doing wrong , why am I out of the loop , is there someone

out there being discriminating , if not even insulting to the ancients by

failing to display images like that , are they considered too inflammatory ?

When one considers the amount of advertising that I receive offering me

enhancements of a body part which has long since disappeared into the

realms of fantasy and historical incorrectness. But my imagination is still

working at full capacity , so please allow me the occasional motivational

involvement in the world of visionary excitement.

enter image description here

  • Maybe Margherite will let you borrow hers. But be a dear and wipe it clear when you are done with all your fun. - 0083f5dc Jul 13, 2013 flag
  • My father caught me with a girl once and said, "put her down , you never know where she has been " I didn't of course - ray76 Jul 13, 2013 flag
  • Was she too fake and full of hot air? - 0083f5dc Jul 13, 2013 flag
  • No my wife. - ray76 Jul 13, 2013 flag
  • Hello amigo...please, you're welcome to her. She's doing absolutely nothing for me :-) If you want one of your own, you'll have to start talking about her/it/whatever...Rodney thinks the ads are based on the content of our posts. - 0095ca4c Jul 13, 2013 flag
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I get adverts for" Skittles " . What am I doing wrong?

skittles photo: Skittles! Skittles.jpg

  • They know you're a kid at heart. - 0083f5dc Jul 13, 2013 flag
  • Hola helio...you can share mine if I can share yours :-) - 0095ca4c Jul 13, 2013 flag
  • If I knew what the he double hockey sticks they were I could commiserate with you mate. - ray76 Jul 13, 2013 flag
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I have been watching my ads since you asked this question. The advertisements are for tires and home improvement. One is for cheese? My husband works inside sales at a hardware store and works on our house occasionally. He is always looking up tools and building materials. He also visits the "Discount Tire" site a lot, because between he and his dad they have way too many old vehicles.

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