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The whole sentence is "Y colorín colorado este cuento se ha acabado"

  • Posted Jul 6, 2013
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  • and literally, it means "Bright red, this story has finished" - togtog Jul 6, 2013 flag
  • So it is the equivalent of 'and they all lived happily ever after'. A traditional ending to children's stories. - togtog Jul 6, 2013 flag

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One nice thing about the SD dictionary is that it gives some of these sayings and their meanings when you type in one of the important words. I typed in 'colorín' and on the page, your saying was interpreted into our English saying. Nice feature.

enter image description here

  • ah! I did try typing it in before I asked the question, but it didn't translate it at all! I shall have another try. - togtog Jul 6, 2013 flag
  • It worked this time! Ah well. - togtog Jul 6, 2013 flag
  • Great, glad it helped. - katydew Jul 6, 2013 flag
  • Goodnight, nice story... - annierats Jul 6, 2013 flag
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Sinceramente, no creo que tenga un significado. Simplemente es una forma de decir que el cuento se terminó. También rima, como cuando decimos: "fueron felices y comieron perdices"

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The fat lady has sung. - It's all over.- It's done and dusted.

  • Usually heard in the negative, while the issue is still open--"No está terminado hasta cante la dama gorda." - EugenioCosta Jul 6, 2013 flag
  • Hasta el rabo todo es toro ;) - Kiwi-Girl Jul 6, 2013 flag
  • The-Fat-Lady-Singing is a very recent figure, popularized by country-ish sports casters. It may derive from early television in fact--the main candidate being Kate Smith. - EugenioCosta Jul 6, 2013 flag
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiEnEmVYne0 - EugenioCosta Jul 6, 2013 flag
  • No from the operas of Wagner. Big fat lady, Viking, w/ helmet bearing horns. - YERMO Jan 22, 2015 flag
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