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How do you form a sentence with the opposite meaning, replacing the words affirmative with negative. Todos en nuestro grupo saben pescar.

  • Posted Jun 15, 2013
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2 Answers

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En nuestro grupo no hay nadie que sepa pescar.

Thanks to Britisk I think you could also say: Nadie de nuestro grupo sabe pescar. ( this avoids the subjunctive)

Unfortunatly, I have a strong feeling that ' no hay nadie' will be followed by the subjunctive, but we will hopefully have more answers.

  • please help annie. Why do you suspect the subjunctive here ? Thanks - britisk Jun 15, 2013 flag
  • Well a gerund could go after as for example - No hay nadie mirando la tele. But it seems "no hay nadie que" really force the use of sunjunctive, let me think a little more. - Anormal Jun 15, 2013 flag
  • Britisk, I think it's just a set thing, I'm no got at the reasons. - annierats Jun 16, 2013 flag
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My attempt:

Nobody in our group knows how to fish.

Nadie de nuestro grupo sabe cómo pescar

There is nobody in our group who knows how to fish.

No hay nadie en nuestro grupo que sabe cómo pescar.

  • Yes, I think: Nadie sabe pescar works. If you have the ' que' I think it will be followed by the subjunctive. - annierats Jun 16, 2013 flag
  • I give you a vote for effort and I think you have one viable alternative, hopefully Anormal will come back to the question. - annierats Jun 16, 2013 flag
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