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Por favor digamelo usted, por cuál regla la palabra es femenino.

Gracias de antemano.

  • Posted May 28, 2013
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2 Answers

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Pues, las palabras que terminan en cualquier letra que no sea "a" u "o" podría ser o del genero masculino, o del genero femenino, con algunas excepciones como las palabras que terminan en "ción" o "dad"(que siempre son femeninas)...pero que yo sepa, no hay regla para las que terminan en la letra "n". Hay que memorizarlo y aceptar que así es.

Well, words that end in any letter other than "a" or "o" could be either masculine or feminine, with a few exceptions such as words ending in "ción" or "dad" (which are always feminine), but as far as I know, there is no rule for words ending in "n". One must memorize it and accept that that is the way it is.

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Yes, I don´t think this is a case of there being a rule. It just IS and is something one has to accept. There are not many hard and fast rules, other than P.C.s above mention of "ción" or "dad" (to which I might add ¨eza¨ as in la naturaleza o la belleza -- and even those may have exceptions)

I find it best to not look at genders as having rules, but mostly rather with tendencies.

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