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Haz bien y no mires a quien is a very popular Spanish expression. Do you know what it means? Can you think of an equivalent expression in English?

Ejemplo: Haz bien y no mires a quien, incluyendo al grosero de tu jefe.

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  • Posted Apr 22, 2013
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15 Answers

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Do the right thing even when no one is looking?

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Does it mean " do good and don't worry about who it helps"?

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It could be something like "do it right, and don't look aside", In spanish we use it when somebody has to do something (hard, generally), and you encourage him/her to do it the right way, and don't look to anybody to check if he/her is doing it right

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How about "do good to everyone, even if you feel they don't deserve it".

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Could it mean? Do good works, but don't let anyone know you are doing them. Hacer buenas obras, pero no permitas que nadie sabe que está haciendo.

  • Well, the phrase does not imply that the good deed would need to be altruistic or anonymous. - francobollo Apr 22, 2013 flag
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It means to do good to everybody, it doesn't matter how they look.

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Do your own work to the best of your ability and don't compare yourselves with others or judge others according to your work and vice versa.


  • Nice angle. But no quite te essence of the expression. - francobollo Apr 22, 2013 flag
  • I didn't see the 'el' until I'd clicked submit. I still would've got it wrong thogh. ha - katydew Apr 22, 2013 flag
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Mind your own business and let others think what they will!

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Do the right thing, no matter who the other person is.

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One should be a Good Samaritan.

  • Sorry, no. - chileno Apr 23, 2013 flag
  • Yes. A good Samaritan does not stop to think who he/she is helping. - francobollo Apr 23, 2013 flag
  • But the phrase in question does not mean a good samaritan... - chileno Apr 23, 2013 flag
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Live and let live ?

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Show no favoritism?

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Just do something good, don't look at who it's for.

or basically, it's just saying that you should do good for anyone, it doesn't matter who.

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My attempt.

" Do well no matter to whom. "

  • Yes, but goes onto "don't judge by the cover" kind of thing... - chileno Apr 24, 2013 flag
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Ok, look here

  • Do good all around you no matter who benefits - SiYesISpeakS Nov 11, 2016 flag
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