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Can som one tell me what waduh Non Teresea g keliatan potona maklum cuma make hp tanpa layar means?

  • why would u say that? did u flag my question? is the question derogatory or what? im trying to figure that out. - jteresea Apr 20, 2013 flag
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I'm asking what it means because someone made that statement to me on my Facebook page. So I would like to know what it means. No harm intended... So would someone please answer me seriously??? Thank u!

  • This is a place to learn Spanish or English not a translation site for anything else. - margarita194 Apr 20, 2013 flag
  • Exactly! So part of learning is translation and/or knowing what something means, correct? If u dnt want to answer my question, then just ignore it like the rest do. Ugly and rude remarks are not necessary. I assume we're all adults here, rite? Thank u. - jteresea Apr 20, 2013 flag
  • Yes, but that is not Spanish. - NikkiLR Apr 20, 2013 flag
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