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¿Para dónde vas? Voy a recoger a mi hija a la escuela.

Where are you going? I'm going to collect my daughter from school.

Thank you

  • Posted Apr 16, 2013
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2 Answers

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¿Adónde vas?

Voy a recoger a mi hija a la escuela.

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I agree with Mariana.

When we ask about where, we usually want a definite answer, so ¿Adónde? is better in this case. In statements we can say things like Me voy para la ciudad but this can mean I am leaving in the direction or with the intent to arrive at the city.

  • Thanks Julian, just a thought should it not be "de escuela" from school? - Polyglot1day Apr 17, 2013 flag
  • "a" indicates direction of the subject and "de" indicates location of "mi hija" so both are commonly used in speech, although more "proper" would be ".......mi hija que está en la escuela" - JulianChivi Apr 17, 2013 flag
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