Use these words: conocer, poder, querer, saber

El año pasado Raquel (1) conocio al muchacho que ahora es su esposo, Ronaldo. Primero, Raquel no (2) quiso salir con él porque él vivía (was living) en una ciudad muy lejos de ella. Ronaldo (3) quiso convencerla durante muchos meses, pero no (4) pudo hacerlo. Finalmente, Raquel decidió darle una oportunidad a Ronaldo.

Cuando empezaron a salir, Raquel y Ronaldo (5) conocieron inmediatamente que eran el uno para el otro (they were made for each other). Raquel y Ronaldo (6) quisimos comprar una casa en la misma ciudad y se casaron ese verano.

Im only having problems with number 5 and 6; Everything else is correct. I think I tried "supimos" for #5 before and it was wrong. I cant remember what I had for #6 previously, unfortunately. Anyways, much help is welcomed!!! Thank you.

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When you chose conocieron, you recognized that they should be third person plural, why are you using the we (first person plural) forms: supimos and quisimos-

Try supieron and quisieron. Although the second is quite possibly pudieron and not quisieron (it makes more sense to say they were able to buy a house in the same city and then married that year than that they tried to (and presumably failed).

Also, conoció should have a tilde to be correct.



Thank you very much Bosque!! "Supieron" was correct, but quisieron was not. I believe I tried quisieron before and it was marked wrong. I may have resulted to 1st plural because it said quisieron was wrong.

I do not need to add the tilde to "conocio" because my word was correct. I only needed to correct 5 & 6. Well, now I only need help with number 6.

  • Apr 13, 2013
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  • as I note above, the likely answer is pudieron. - bosquederobl Apr 13, 2013
  • I totally didnt see that when I first read it, lol. I am so sorry. Im quite tired. Anyways, "pudieron" was correct!!! - sam30317 Apr 13, 2013
  • I agree. This is why I really dont like the program that comes with the book. It seriously sucks! - sam30317 Apr 13, 2013
  • Also, whatever is grading this for you may accept conocio, but in real life, conoció is correct. - bosquederobl Apr 13, 2013