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MODELO: ¿Son ellos los hijos de tu hermana? → Sí, son sus hijos.

¿Es ella la suegra de Tomás? _____________?

¿Es Carlos el hermano de Uds.?______________?

¿Son ellos los padres de tu novia?_______________?

¿Son Uds. los primos de Marta?_____________?

¿Es Carmen la sobrina de tu mamá?___________?

¿Eres la nieta de los señores?__________?

  • Posted Mar 4, 2013
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  • Please try your best to answer the questions first, then we will help you out. Is there a part you specifically don't understand? - BigMike Mar 4, 2013 flag

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

As Big Mike says, you have to make an effort with your homework and then we can give you advice on which ones are correct / incorrect and why.

  • If I'm breaking the rules, tell me. I think I didn't. - igual2 Mar 16, 2013 flag
  • Igual2, I have sent you a pm. - rac1 Mar 16, 2013 flag
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¿Es ella la suegra de Tomás? _____________? Sí, es su suegra.

¿Es Carlos el hermano de Uds.?______________?Sí, es nuestro hermano.

¿Son ellos los padres de tu novia?_______________?Sí, son sus padres.

¿Son Uds. los primos de Marta?_____________?Sí, somos sus primos.

¿Es Carmen la sobrina de tu mamá?___________?Sí, es su sobrina.

¿Eres la nieta de los señores?__________?Sí, soy su nieta. You have my word, these are the correct answers. By the way, in Spanish is correct Es ella and Ella es in an interrogative sentence.

  • You are not helping someone by giving them the answers. The SD rules clearly state that we will not do homework. - rac1 Mar 16, 2013 flag
  • Well, this isn't homework, this is about help anyone to improve. By the way don't push my to discuss about reputation. I work hard. - igual2 Mar 16, 2013 flag
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I apologize, Mariana and BigMike. But the answers are more difficult than questions: 'sus' means many things. Translate this sentence: ¡ Sus , y a ellos ! Is a real challenge.

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For God sake. This forum is about homework. If anyone needs my help, I am on their side.

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  • Do your own homework. Homework questions will only receive help if you try to answer first. - rac1 Mar 16, 2013 flag
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By the way, translate the answers.

  1. Sí, es su suegra.
  2. Sí, es nuestro hermano.
  3. Sí, son sus padres.
  4. Sí, somos sus primos.
  5. Sí, es su sobrina.
  6. Sí, soy su nieta.

Detesto a los que creen estar en posesión de la verdad absoluta.

  • For number 2, how did you know it was "our" and not "their" for the possessive? I saw the question as "Is Carlos their brother?" - whitewolfjun Oct 5, 2014 flag
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