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guapo ( gooah'-poh )

adjective ( handsome, beautiful )

We are looking for an official corrector for the Spanish sentences. If you are interested, please send me a PM.

Estamos buscando un corrector oficial de las frases en español. Si usted está interesado, por favor envíeme un PM.

Sinmeta will be correcting the Spanish sentences as his time permits. We still need more help with this very important task. Please correct your sentences according to his suggestions.

There are many native English speakers here, most of us can offer great suggestions to the English sentences. I will do my best to go through them all, too. Use today's Word of the Day in your own Spanish sentence (and include the English translation as well). Try to use the word in a completely new way and vote on the sentences you like best. The winner will be chosen based upon the correct use of the word as well as the number of votes.


Write sentences at least 5 words long, but don't write a paragraph either. Write your Spanish sentence, but include the English translation as well. Make the corrections suggested by other users and moderators in the comments section (try not to use personal pronouns unless absolutely necessary). Use your own words! (Don't use a translator, copy from a book, use song lyrics, etc.) Have fun experimenting with Spanish.

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1. ¡Mira qué guapo es ese hombre!

Look at how handsome that man is!

2. Ramón y Claudia hacen una pareja muy guapa ya que su alegría los hace lucir más resplandecientes.

Ramón and Claudia make a beautiful couple since their joy makes them look radiant. enter image description here


The 2nd example sentence is part of our Word of the Day "novela" series. Check it out from the beginning on February 1 and stay tuned tomorrow for the next chapter!

Until we have an official Spanish corrector, please help with any suggestions to the Spanish sentences as you are able. It is very much appreciated. Thank you all for being here at SD and for participating in La Palabra Del Dia!

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  • Hola Rac y muchas gracias!!:)) - iana01 Feb 14, 2013 flag

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Todo el mundo eran más guapo cuando eran joven.

Everyone was more handsome when they were young.

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  • I am not sure about whether to use singular or plural here. - jennysk Feb 15, 2013 flag
  • Hahahahaha - rac1 Feb 15, 2013 flag
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Una pequeña curva de los labios puede hacer maravillas. Así, un hombre guapo sin una sonrisa en su rostro encantador perdería la mitad de su belleza y atracción. A nadie le gusta estar cerca de rostros serios y secos verdad?

A small curve of the lips can make wonders. Thus, a handsome guy without a lovely smile on his face would lose half of his beauty and attraction. No one likes to be around serious, dry faces right?enter image description here

  • "can do wonders".... I agree with you 100% - rac1 Feb 14, 2013 flag
  • Yes, you're right! - mcl020 Feb 14, 2013 flag
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"Handsome is as handsome does."

El guapo es como el guapo hace. enter image description here

  • Beautiful duck. He doesn't have to do anything. Good one, Shish ! - rac1 Feb 14, 2013 flag
  • With ducks there's quite a simple explanation: males outnumbers females by a huge percentage! - mcl020 Feb 14, 2013 flag
  • I wonder , how most of the animals males are colored more than female ? - shish75 Feb 14, 2013 flag
  • Hola Shish!:) - iana01 Feb 15, 2013 flag
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A sentence I still remember from El Clon as to why women should cover their hair when they go out.

Don't you understand that you must be beautiful only for me?
¿No entiendes que debes ser guapa sólo para mí?

  • Bah, I'm less and less sure about using 'ser' instead of 'estar'. But I'm not confident enough about changing it either. - Manity Feb 14, 2013 flag
  • Good illustration. - rac1 Feb 14, 2013 flag
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He who gives a great service, gets a handsome reward. El que da un gran servicio, obtiene un guapo recompensa.

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A veces solo la mamá puede decirlo.

Sometimes, only the mom can say this.

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  • Very true - pmikan-pam Feb 14, 2013 flag
  • I agree wholeheartedly. - rac1 Feb 14, 2013 flag
  • Imho he beats George Clooney: doesn't hide behind layers of make-up, can probably still move all muscles in his face and looks like a real man;-) - mcl020 Feb 14, 2013 flag
  • We have a proverb here says ( The monkey in the eye of his mother is a deer ). - shish75 Feb 14, 2013 flag
  • Of course she does - pmikan-pam Feb 14, 2013 flag
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Some ugly ducklings turn into beautiful swans.

Algunos patitos feos se convierten en cisnes guapos.

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No es importante ser quapo, pero es más important ser amable. It is not important to be handsome but it is important to be kind.

  • ¡Claro! También, en mi opinión un hombre queda guapo o mas guapo cuando es amable. :) - vengamujer Feb 14, 2013 flag
  • True, to be beautiful inside. - pmikan-pam Feb 14, 2013 flag
  • Yes, and to me, if you are not kind, you're ugly. Good one! - rac1 Feb 14, 2013 flag
  • Yes!! - mcl020 Feb 14, 2013 flag
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Trust cats to know what's important in life: you have to be clever, handsome and self-confident.

Confía en los gatos para saber lo que es importante en la vida : tienes que ser listo, guapo y seguro de sí mismo.

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Hola guapo

 photo raspberry.jpg

Hello handsome

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No es justo que solo demostremos la palabra "guapo" sin demostremos "guapa" también.

(It's not fair that we are only demonstrating the word "handsome (for males)" without also demostrating "good-looking" (for females)) enter image description here

  • Hola Paramedic! I enjoyed reading your profile! - bandit51jd Feb 14, 2013 flag
  • They are both nice looking and such a sweet couple. I hope all works in their favor. - rac1 Feb 14, 2013 flag
  • We all took the guapa for granted ;-))) - mcl020 Feb 14, 2013 flag
  • ... sin demostrar "guapa" también. - sinmeta Feb 14, 2013 flag
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La belleza va del dentro de la persona, brilla de su cara y su comportamiento.
La belleza física, quizás, se vaya con el tiempo, pero la que está en el alma permanecerá.
Recuerda que en ojos de la persona que te ama, eres el más guapo en el mundo.
Y esto es lo más importante.
¡Deseo feliz día del amor y la amistad a todo el mundo!

The beauty comes from the inside of a person, shines from his face and his behaviour.
The physical beauty, perhaps, will pass with time, but the one in the soul will stay.
Remember that in the eyes of the person who loves you, you are the most handsome in the world. And this is what matters the most.
I wish a happy Valentine´s day and a happy Friendship day to everybody!

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  • Beautiful words, Iana, spoken from the soul* (little typo there ;-) ) Happy Friendship day to you too ;-)))) - mcl020 Feb 14, 2013 flag
  • Tu tambien, muchas gracias. - pmikan-pam Feb 14, 2013 flag
  • I really like the first sentence! How true! - bandit51jd Feb 14, 2013 flag
  • Very nice, amiga. Happy Valentine's Day!! - rac1 Feb 14, 2013 flag
  • I like your soul Iana !:). - shish75 Feb 14, 2013 flag
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Para complementar un hombre guapo, es como predicar

a los conversos.

To compliment a handsome man , is like preaching to the converted .

Is old Celtic saying !

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  • Good saying, jeje - rac1 Feb 14, 2013 flag
  • :-) - Castor77 Feb 14, 2013 flag
  • I suppose that's true. - pmikan-pam Feb 14, 2013 flag
  • Complementar means to supplement. To compliment someone, se dice hacerle cumplimientos - sinmeta Feb 14, 2013 flag
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Messi juega mejor, pero Cristiano definitivamente es más guapo.

Messi plays better, but Cristiano is definitely better-looking.

  • I've got a six-pack too, but mine is in the fridge! :-) - sinmeta Feb 14, 2013 flag
  • I see that ! - rac1 Feb 14, 2013 flag
  • Hahahaha, sinmeta, funny remark ;-) - mcl020 Feb 14, 2013 flag
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En la zona donde trabajo, una gran proporción de los trabajadores se viste de trajes bastante caros, con el pelo bien peinado y con gel. Resulta que por allí recorren las calles muchos hombres que se miran guapos.

In the area where I work, a large proportion of the workers dress in pretty expensive suits, with their hair well combed and gelled. Consequently, around there many men walk the streets looking handsome.

  • Interesting, and where is this? jeje - rac1 Feb 14, 2013 flag
  • Where is it? jeje :)) - iana01 Feb 14, 2013 flag
  • Gel may look nice, but feels yukkie ;-) - mcl020 Feb 14, 2013 flag
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