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In English we can say "in the teens" to mean lower temperatures. I'm only finding "los adolescentes" or "la adolescencia" for the translation of "teen" or "teens".

Any suggestions? Muchas gracias!

  • Posted Feb 12, 2013
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  • Una pregunta muy interesante, me gustaría saberlo también. Hola Bandita. - Aranjuez12 Feb 12, 2013 flag
  • That must be an American idiom , we do not use that here . - ray76 Feb 12, 2013 flag
  • It's only relevent in countries that use the Farenheit scale, Ray. - PeterRS Feb 12, 2013 flag
  • Not true, it would be even more common in Celsius, as that is considerably warmer that the teens in Fahrenheit. - BigMike Feb 12, 2013 flag

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You can't express the concept of teens in that sense in Spanish. It would have to be something like...

Hoy la temperatura estará entre los 13 y los 19 grados.

  • Tekk her to get a thermometer, it's quite a big difference, like between summer and winter, over here.. - annierats Feb 12, 2013 flag
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You could say "bajo cero", assuming you're in a celsius country.

  • But if it's zero degrees today, and tomorrow it will be twice as cold..... - PeterRS Feb 12, 2013 flag
  • Yes, - 15C! - annierats Feb 12, 2013 flag
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Since Spanish does not use "teens - fourteen, fifteen, etc" the idiom has no meaning. I would suggest use. La tempuratura es alrededor quince. Or something to that effect.

Update: Thanks to a comment below I looked up the use of ser vs. estar and estar is correct. But it appears that "está" and "estamos" have different meaning.

Estamos is used to discuss the temperature where the speaker is while está refers to the temerature in other locations.

Here is the link I found.

Discussing temperature in Spanish

  • wouldn't it be esta? And then alrededor de quince. - BigMike Feb 12, 2013 flag
  • Probably. I usually write like I think....without thinking. - gringojrf Feb 13, 2013 flag
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Do you mean the temperature has, at last, got over + 9 C? We never say this in England!

Los adolecentes refers only to teenagers, who may, of course be calientes..

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