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I have been studying the Spanish language for a while now and I haven't really seen any words with the letter "w." So, are there any Spanish words with the letter "w"?

  • Check out Noetol's link. It tell you how to pronounce wolframio, Cientifico. - Jubilado Jan 12, 2013 flag

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Good question.

The letter "W" is not native to Spanish, therefore, the "W" only appears in words of foreign origin.

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There aren't many that are not proper nouns, slang, or poor spellings.

For example: "wey" is just an incorrect way to spell "güey."

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Check out this link for info on the "w" in Spansh. W derivation

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yes,there a lot of words with w example winston,wey etc

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Check out "k" as well, that's pretty sparse mainly imported foreign words

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Wapa, weno. ¡Que wapa esa muchacha! Tenés un carro nuevo, ¡que weno!

Haha just kidding, those are actually just poorly pronounced words like guapa and bueno. I just had to add those because I hear them pronounced like that all the time and the question made me think of it.

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