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Para muchas culturas el número 13 es de muy mala suerte. Para otras, el 13 significa algo muy bueno. Los estadounidenses tienden a no poner el 13 en las filas de los aviones. En algunos edificios no hay piso 13. Para las culturas hispanas el martes 13 es de mala suerte. Para los estadounidenses es el viernes 13.

Como estamos en el 2013, quería saber tu opinión al respecto. ¡Compártela con el foro!

In many cultures, the number 13 means bad luck. For others, it's a sign of prosperity. Americans tend to skip the 13th row on an airplane and some buildings here do not have a 13th floor. Hispanics say Tuesday the 13th is an unlucky day, whereas for Americans it is Friday the 13th.

Since it's 2013, I was just curious to know what you think. Please share your opinion with the forum.



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I'm not superstitious myself, but I've read plenty of stories in Britain about how some people see 13 as unlucky. Here's a couple:

  1. Some local authorities don't use 13 when numbering houses
  2. There's a story of a man in Scotland who spent every Friday 13th in bed and refused to eat anything to avoid choking or poisoning.
  3. Plenty of businessmen still won't close deals and such on the 13th of the month - Henry Ford was one of them.

Also, Friday 13th is considered unlucky because the Last Supper had 13 people at the table and the Crucifixion took place on Good Friday A similar story comes from Norse Mythology where Loki turns up uninvited to a banquet for 12 other gods - he kills one of the gods, and this sparks events that resulted in Ragnarok. An old superstition says that, if you have 13 letters in your name, you're born with "the devil's luck" - a number of serial killers have 13 letters in their name (including Jeffrey Dahmer and Charles Manson). And Apollo 13 was the only unsuccessful moon mission.

Like I said, I'm not superstitious, but I can certainly see why a lot of people are.

  • Wow, Scribe, that's a lot of new information for me. Thanks for sharing your wisdom! - francobollo Jan 6, 2013 flag
  • Hi Scribe-Lady! Do you know the one about the 13th son? I vaguely remember an old story about it but not the details. - 0095ca4c Jan 6, 2013 flag
  • Just looked it up - do you mean "The 13th Son of the King of Erin"? It's an Irish fairy tale, apparently, about a prince who was sent away by his father on the advice of a seer. It vaguely reminds me of Cinderella, strangely enough. - Scribe-Lady Jan 6, 2013 flag
  • That's the one! Some of this old folklore is really creepy! New spanish word - espeluznante I think it means creepy. - 0095ca4c Jan 6, 2013 flag
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Creo que el número 13 es de mala suerte pero sólo porque mi mamá me enseñó a pensar de esa manera. Por otro lado, las brujas creen que tienen buena suerte con este número.

I believe that the number 13 is bad luck but only because my mother taught me to think this way. On the other hand, witches believe that they have good luck with this number..

the thirteenth rune

the thirteenth rune

  • ¡Ves que las brujas tienen razón! lol - francobollo Jan 6, 2013 flag
  • There is no such thing as a 13th rune! - annierats Jan 6, 2013 flag
  • Actually annie, there is. The 13th rune of the Futhark is Eihwaz, the energy of the Yew tree. Here is a youtube link for you to see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SI9FAO5g1Gw - 0095ca4c Jan 6, 2013 flag
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Es como ver a un gato negro. En algunos países este significa mala suerte, en otros, buena suerte.

Al fin y al cabo, no pasa nada, has visto un gato el día 13, y no importa.

Pero, claro, si sería el viernes y el 13, y te hubiera roto el espejo, después de ver al gato negro y una urraca sola , será mejor suicidarte pronto.

But, obviously, if it is friday the 13th and you broke a mirror, after seeing the black cat and a solitary magpie, it will be as well to commit suicide right away.

  • Toda una colección de cosas que traen mala suerte, Annie. :-) - francobollo Jan 6, 2013 flag
  • Sí, Franco, pero normalmente la mala suerte llegue inesperada. - annierats Jan 6, 2013 flag
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It can't be any worse or better than 666 . (Which I'm still bothered about for some reason).

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If you believe in things you don't understand, then you suffer. Superstition ain't the way: ) _Stevie Wonder

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...ain't superstitious ...hounds begin to howl grin

no soy supersticioso


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